New VARIAXIS j-600AM speeds up 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) with Wire-Arc Deposition Technology

A.W. Miller is pleased to now offer Mazak’s newest release:

The Variaxis j-600 AM

Less than a week ago, Mazak introduced the VARIAXIS j-600 AM  VMC, further closing the gap between traditional (subtractive) and newer (additive) manufacturing technologies.


Showing off an entirely new Wire Arc-type metal deposition system, the VARIAXIS j-600 pushes the boundaries of BOTH sides of production with more than intimidatingly high speeds and cost-slashing operations. Machines with hybrid capabilities like the VARIAXIS j-600 are more versatile than their standard counterparts by:

  • slashing operation costs
    • old & worn salvageable parts can be remade, minimizing waste and granting affordable reiteration
    • smaller stock sizes are now an option for irregular parts, resolving outer feature dilemmas
  • saving floor space
  • dropping cut times
    • complete parts in single setups

Mazak’s new tool means a change in the way things are done, providing options for other service offerings to even the smallest of shops. Operations involving the repair, modification, and reiteration of a given workpiece, are now in the wheelhouse of all shop owners – not just the big fish players.

Regarding its core features, the VARIAXIS j-600 AM took no back seat. Sporting a 12,000rpm B-axis tilt spindle and C-axis indexing table gives it vast amounts of potential in many scenarios, especially the Energy, Aerospace, and specialty industries. Massive savings from extending lifetime usage of oil-drilling components and precision aerospace parts are merely the tip of the iceberg.