Elevating Manufacturing with the Mazak 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center

Step into the future of high-performance manufacturing with the HCR-5000S, a pinnacle of Mazak’s advanced 5-axis machining centers. Designed to cater to the demanding requirements of aerospace and semiconductor/high-tech industries, this single-table (S) Horizontal Machining Center is your key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and precision when machining small and mid-sized aluminum components.

Unparalleled Precision for Complex Components

The HCR-5000S features exceptional construction for an ultra-accurate performance. The solid base X-axis and a high-rigidity bed ensures stability and precision in every cut. The machine’s tilt/rotary table is a masterpiece of engineering, employing a roller gear cam system for the A and C axes, allowing for positioning to incredibly precise increments of 0.0001-degrees. This level of detail guarantees that complex components meet the stringent quality standards of high-tech industries.

HCR-5000S Features:

  • Integral spindle/motor design minimizes vibration
  • 12,000, 18,000, 25,000 and 30,000 rpm spindle options
  • Linear roller guides on X, Y and Z axes
  • X-, Y- and Z-axis ballscrew core cooling for machine stability
  • Base X-axis construction and high-rigidity bed ensure high-accuracy positioning
  • Center trough with chip conveyor for fast and efficient chip evacuation
  • Tilt/rotary table for 0.0001-degree increment positioning
  • Automatic tool changer (ATC) options to 160 tools
  • 2.8 second chip-to-chip ATC time
  • Automatic two pallet changer (2PC), Multi-pallet Pool (MPP) and PALLETECH are all available
  • Standard large-capacity coolant tank

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Efficient Chip Management for Flawless Finishes with the Mazak HCR-5000S 5-Axis Machines

The HCR-5000S features an efficient chip management system to ensure excellent surface finishes and low operational downtime so that the production line keeps moving smoothly to deliver high-quality products. Mazak understands that maintaining quality and speed are equally important for efficiency in machining, which is where customizable high-speed spindle options come in. The Mazak HCR-5000S offers several high-speed spindle options for versatile production to maximize productivity and accommodate unique workpiece geometries. By enabling engineers to customize the spindle choice, this 5-Axis CNC machine creates a tailored approach to ensure optimal performance across a wide range of applications.


Automation Options to Maximize Productivity

In today’s competitive manufacturing market, minimizing non-cut times is essential for improving overall productivity. The HCR-5000S 5-Axis machine’s automation options include fast automatic tool changers and pallet changing systems. These features are designed to streamline the manufacturing process by reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency at every step.


Advanced Mazak 5-Axis CNC for High-Performance Manufacturing

Choosing the HCR-5000S means investing in a machine that is at the forefront of technology. As part of Mazak’s lineup of advanced 5-axis machining centers, it represents the latest in high-performance manufacturing solutions. Perfect for industries requiring the highest levels of precision and efficiency, the HCR-5000S is your partner in driving innovation and excellence in your manufacturing operations.


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