Unmatched Versatility and Efficiency

This Multi-Tasking machine stands as a testament to engineering excellence. It delivers unparalleled versatility and efficiency for the fabrication of medium to large complex components. By combining the advanced capabilities of high-powered turning with the comprehensive functions of a machining center, this Mazak 5-axis machine sets a new benchmark for manufacturing precision parts in a single setup.

INTEGREX i-450H S AG Features:

  • Process integration for high accuracy machining, reduction of in-process time and initial cost
  • Quickly and easily makes programs for cutting tool paths and measurement
  • Produces datum features, chamfers, edges and other part features in a single setup
  • SMOOTH Gear Cutting software package with SMOOTH Gear Skiving, SMOOTH Gear Hobbing and SMOOTH Gear Milling for producing external and internal spur, helical and spline-type gears
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guide System damps vibration to extend tool life and handle higher load capacities
  • Milling spindle provides a rotating B-axis range of 240 degrees
  • XX-tool magazine standard, with XXX-tool options available
  • Accommodates parts up to 26.378″ (670 mm) in diameter
Capacity Maximum Machining Diameter 670 mm
Maximum Machining Length 1519 mm
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 3300 rpm
Second Spindle Maximum Speed 4000 rpm
Milling Spindle B-Axis Travel 240°
Maximum Speed 12000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 695 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 300 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 1585 mm

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Revolutionizing Gear Production with DONE IN ONE® on the INTEGREX i-450H S AG 

This 5-axis machine includes an additional turning spindle (S) to exemplify the application of Mazak’s DONE IN ONE® machining standards. As a result, machine shops can optimize their production process efficiency and workflow productivity. This innovative technology ensures complex part fabrication within a singular setup to decrease downtime for better operational efficiency across the board. The INTEGREX i-450H S AG also includes the HYBRID AUTO GEAR (AG) package as part of the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions suite. This technology further advances gear production capabilities for precision and velocity. As a result, Mazak multi-tasking solutions are an indispensable asset for any machine shop looking to set new standards for efficiency and performance in gear production.


Advanced 5-Axis Multi-Tasking Capabilities

This machine’s multi-tasking capabilities enable it to handle fully prismatic parts from various materials. For example, it easily machines solid blocks, castings (chucked or bar fed), round parts, and intricately sculptured components. This Mazak 5-Axis machining center combines efficiency, precision, and technological innovation, making it a great asset for automotive, aerospace, or contract manufacturing machine shops. Its versatility and advanced 5-Axis technology not only streamline the manufacturing process but also ensure superior part quality, catering to the demanding needs of today’s precision-focused industries.