Elevate Your Manufacturing with Advanced 5-Axis Multi-Tasking

The INTEGREX i-5005S AG HYBRID combines the robust capabilities of a high-powered turning center with comprehensive full-function machining. This Mazak 5-Axis multi-tasking CNC technology delivers unparalleled versatility and throughput when manufacturing medium to large complex parts in single setups.

INTEGREX i-5005S AG Features:

  • Standard 50-taper spindle for additional rigidity
  • Process integration for high-accuracy machining, reduction of in-process time and initial cost
  • The INTEGREX AG Series delivers maximum versatility and enhances flexibility on the production line
  • Perform continuous machining of first and second processes
Capacity Maximum Machining Diameter 27.560 in / 700 mm
Maximum Machining Length 59.060 in / 1500 mm
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 2500 rpm
Second Spindle Maximum Speed 2500 rpm
Milling Spindle B-Axis Travel 240°
Maximum Speed 10000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 33.27 in / 845 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 16.93 in / 430 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 64.57 in / 1640 mm


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Machining Excellence with INTEGREX i-5005S AG DONE IN ONE®

This machine incorporates a second turning spindle (S) for unmatched efficiency and precision. As a result, it’s part of Mazak’s DONE IN ONE® product lineup. This machine includes a complete range of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions, including the HYBRID AUTO GEAR (AG). This technology revolutionizes gear production to substantially cut down lead times and enhance part accuracy.


Precision Engineering with Mazak’s 5-Axis Capabilities

The INTEGREX i-5005S AG has full 5 axis capabilities to flawlessly process fully prismatic parts from various materials. For example, it can machine solid blocks or castings (chucked or bar-fed), round parts, and complex aerospace components. This advanced capability is underpinned by a standard 50-taper spindle, which provides additional rigidity for high-precision machining.


Streamlining Production for Optimal Efficiency

The Mazak INTEGREX i-5005S AG HYBRID multi-tasking 5-Axis machining center enhances production line flexibility and maximizes versatility to reduce in-process time and initial costs. As a result this machine represents the zenith of advanced 5-Axis multi-tasking by Mazak. By optimizing production lines, and allowing continuous machining of first and second processes, it truly embodies the future of precision manufacturing. In conclusion, this machine is an essential asset for the aerospace, automotive, and contract manufacturing industries, offering unmatched precision and efficiency for the most complex tasks


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