Revolutionizing Manufacturing Efficiency

With its unparalleled versatility and throughput, the Mazak INTEGREX i-5005ST AG HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine stands as a testament to innovation in manufacturing. This powerhouse combines the capabilities of a high-powered turning center and a full-function machining center, enabling the production of complex parts in single setups, enhanced by innovative HYBRID functionality.

INTEGREX i-5005ST AG Features:

  • Standard 50-taper spindle for additional rigidity
  • Process integration for high-accuracy machining, reduction of in-process time and initial cost
  • The INTEGREX AG Series delivers maximum versatility and enhances flexibility on the production line
  • Powerful turning spindle delivers heavy-duty performance
  • Operators can set the tailstock position on the setup screen and move the tailstock to another position by menu-key or M-code
Capacity Maximum Machining Diameter 27.560 in / 700 mm
Maximum Machining Length 59.060 in / 1500 mm
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 2500 rpm
Second Spindle Maximum Speed 2500 rpm
Milling Spindle B-Axis Travel 240°
Maximum Speed 10000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 33.27 in / 845 mm
Travel (X2 Axis) 10.43 in / 265 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 16.93 in / 430 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 64.57 in / 1640 mm
Travel (Z2 Axis) 54.06 in / 1373 mm

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INTEGREX i-5005ST AG Dual-Spindle and Lower Turret

This 5-axis machine’s configuration introduces a second turning spindle (S) and a lower turret (T), to minimize fixtures, tools, handling, and non-cut time. In addition, this machine also features a HYBRID AUTO GEAR package alongside a full range of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions. This DONE IN ONE® gear production surpasses conventional capabilities to maximize productivity in the CNC machine shop. The Mazak INTEGREX i-5005ST AG is a highly precise and versatile 5-axis machine to efficiently handle fully prismatic parts from solid blocks to castings. For example, it machines round or complex aerospace components, whether they are chucked or bar-fed with ease and accuracy. 


Rigidity and Accuracy: The Foundation of High-Performance Machining

The standard 50-taper spindle provides essential rigidity for high-precision machining. When combined with process integration, this feature significantly reduces in-process time and initial cost. In addition, operators can effortlessly set and adjust the tailstock position via the setup screen. This facilitates the efficient transition to different machining operations without compromising precision or productivity.


Leading the Way in Complex Fabrication and Aerospace Engineering

The Mazak INTEGREX AG Series, particularly the i-5005ST AG model, enhances production line flexibility and delivers maximum versatility. With powerful turning spindles and advanced control features, it offers heavy-duty performance tailored for the most demanding tasks in aerospace, automotive, and contract manufacturing industries.


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