Redefining Precision and Efficiency in Machining

The Mazak INTEGREX i-500ST AG HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine stands out for its innovation in medium to large complex part production. By blending the robust capabilities of high-powered turning a full-function machining center, this machine is efficient enough to produce parts in single setups with its groundbreaking HYBRID functionality.

INTEGREX i-500ST AG Features:

  • Process integration for high accuracy machining, reduction of in-process time and initial cost
  • Quickly and easily makes programs for cutting tool paths and measurement
  • Produces datum features, chamfers, edges and other part features in a single setup
  • SMOOTH Gear Cutting software package with SMOOTH Gear Skiving, SMOOTH Gear Hobbing and SMOOTH Gear Milling for producing external and internal spur, helical and spline-type gears
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guide System damps vibration to extend tool life and handle higher load capacities
  • Milling spindle provides a rotating B-axis range of 240 degrees
  • XX-tool magazine standard, with XXX-tool options available
  • Accommodates parts up to 27.559″ (700 mm) in diameter
Capacity Maximum Machining Diameter 700 mm
Maximum Machining Length 1529 mm
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 2500 rpm
Second Spindle Maximum Speed 2500 rpm
Milling Spindle B-Axis Travel 240°
Maximum Speed 10000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 845 mm
Travel (X2 Axis) 267 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 430 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 1640 mm
Travel (Z2 Axis) 1373 mm

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Streamlined Production with Advanced Technology on the INTEGREX i-500ST AG

This 5-axis machining center embodies a DONE IN ONE® machining philosophy with a second turning spindle (S) and lower turret (T). This strategic configuration minimizes the necessity for excessive fixtures, tools, and manual handling, significantly reducing non-cut time. In addition, the comprehensive suite of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions, including the HYBRID AUTO GEAR (AG) package elevates gear production to unprecedented levels of precision and speed.


Unmatched 5-Axis Capability for Diverse Applications

This machine’s 5-axis capabilities reduce lead times while accurately processing materials, whether they are chucked or bar-fed, round or sculptured. For example, it can machine from solid blocks or castings to intricately sculpted aerospace components. In addition, the process integration techniques reduce in process times, and initial set up costs for efficient manufacturing. The INTEGREX i-500ST AG HYBRID also quickly and easily generate programs for cutting tool paths and measurements. As a result, it provides a seamless workflow for machine operators.


Innovative Features for Superior Performance

The INTEGREX i-500ST AG SMOOTH Gear Cutting software package includes Gear Skiving, Gear Hobbing, and Gear Milling to produce external and internal gears. For example, it machines spur, helical, and spline-type, with unmatched accuracy. It also has an MX Hybrid Roller Guide System to effectively dampen vibration, extend tool life and facilitate higher load capacities. This advanced technology ensures that machine shops can tackle challenging projects, reduce downtime, and maintain high-quality output. As a result, they can make a substantial leap forward in operational efficiency and their industrial competitive edge. 


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