The Integrex i-AM series combines additive manufacturing with multi-tasking capabilities for an innovative alternative to conventional processing in part design and machining. These machines are great for small lots of difficult-to-cut materials with HYBRID Multi-Tasking. This generates near-net-shape component features, which are then finished with high-precision, and laser marking as necessary.

The Integrex i-AM machines melt metal powder using fiber laser heat to apply the material in layers, and it can join different types of metals together to repair worn or damaged components, such as aerospace turbine blades. The machines provide full 5-axis Multi-Tasking capabilities to process prismatic parts from solid billets or castings (chuck or bar fed), round parts, and highly contoured parts with additive technology.


  • Efficient turnkey solutions offer DONE IN ONE® part processing
  • Milling spindles provide -30/+120-degree B-axis movement
  • Turning spindles offer full C-axis contouring
  • High-speed or high-accuracy cladding heads available
  • Standard automatic tool changers load cladding heads into milling turrets
  • Fully programmable NC tailstocks

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