Integrex i

The Integrex-i product line delivers versatility and throughput for smaller, complex parts by combining capabilities of high-powered turning centers with full-function machining centers. These machines feature second turning spindle (S) for DONE IN ONE® machining and lower turret (T) – minimizing fixtures, tools, handling and non-cut time. By producing parts in single setups, the Integrex i machines reduce lead-time and improve part accuracy. The full 5-axis capability processes fully prismatic parts from solid blocks or castings (chucked or bar fed work), for round parts, or sculptured parts such as aerospace components.


  • Milling spindle travel: -30 ~ 210 degrees (.0001 degree min index angle)
  • Optional 20k RPM (7.5 HP) milling spindle available
  • Full C-axis contouring (.0001 degree minimum index)
  • Productive second turning spindle for Done-In-One part processing
  • Added lower turret for machining at either main or second turning spindle
  • Available spindle connections ( KM63/ CAPTO C6 / HSK A63 )
  • 36-tool ATC standard ( HSK A63 ) – 72 tool option available