Kuraki AKB-11

Standard Sized Machine.

  • Designed to integrate Intelligent Setup and Monitoring Functions, the OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER delivers features normally available only on the highest technology machines. These features simplify operation and reduce operator dependency.
  • The durable 28,330 pound OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER incorporates a helical rack and pinion positioning system that features solid throughput and high accuracy.
  • The OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER has been engineered to be utilized with Mazak’s extensive range of automated material handling systems.
  • The PreviewG Control is a large 19″ LCD touch screen which operates similar to a smart phone or tablet for increased ease of operation. 
  • A 2 pallet changer design with a helical rack and pinion positioning system that features high through-put and rugged construction delivers a combination of performance and value.
  • Utilizing a fiber beam delivery system significantly lowers operating costs for applicable material thicknesses and types.
  • OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER is equipped with sensors in the Multi-Control Torch that monitor piercing and cutting operations to improve throughput and part quality. If an anomaly is detected, the operation is adjusted or paused to automatically achieve effective cutting conditions.
Stroke X axis travel (table longitudinal) mm (inch) 2000(78.74)
Y axis travel (spindle vertical) mm (inch) 1500(59.06)
Z axis travel (column cross) mm (inch) 1500(59.06)
W axis travel (spindle axial) mm (inch) 500(19.69)
Distance from table top to spindle center mm (inch) 0~1500(0~59.06)
Distance from table center to spindle nose mm (inch) 600~2100(23.62~82.68)
Table Table work space mm (inch) 1400×1600(55.12×62.99)
Table maximum loading capacity kg (lbs) 6500(14300)
Table top profile mm (inch) 22 (0.87) 7T slots
Table auto.indexing ° 0.001(every 90°index. by locate pin)
Spindle Head Boring spindle diameter mm (inch) 110(4.33)
Spindle speed(for every 1min-1) min-1 5~3000
Spindle speed change range step 2
Spindle taper   BBT50(BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system) *
Feed Rapid traverse (X・Y・Z) m (inch)/min 12(472.44)
(W) m (inch)/min 6 (236.22)
Feedrate mm (inch)/min 1~6000(0.04~236.22)
Table revolution min-1 2.0
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Tool shank   MAS BT50(BBT50 BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system *)
Pull stud   MAS P50T-1(45°)
Tool storage capacity pc 40
Max. tool diameter [vacant adjacent pots] mm (inch) 125 (4.92)[240 (9.45)]
Max. tool length mm (inch) 400 (15.75)
Max. tool weight kg (lbs) 25(55)
Tool selection   At random
Motors Spindle motor kW (HP) AC26(35)(30min)/22(30)(cont.)
Feed motor kW (HP) X・Z:6.0(8.0)/Y・W・B:3.0(4.0)
Hydraulic motor kW (HP) 3.7(4.9)
Voltage Power capacity(Not incl. opt) kVA 66
Air pressure source pressure MPa 0.5
Air pressure source flow (Not incl. opt) NL/min 400(atm)
Dimensions Machine height mm (inch) 4120(162.20)
Floor space (Not incl. opt) mm (inch) 6400×6620(251.97×260.63)
Machine weight(Incl. NC unit) kg (lbs) 25000(55000)