Kuraki KBM-11X

No. 1 Space-Saving Type of Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine Series + Workability + Rigidity.

  • Effective operation gained in a limited workspace (minimum floor requirements 4300 × 4500 mm) (169.29”×177.16”) of KURAKI Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
  • High-accuracy indexing ensures standard rotary milling
  • Superb machining capabilities by spindle rotational of 5~3000 min-1and spindle torque 1581 Nm(1166 ft.lbs)
  • Top of the class Milling capability 768 cm3/min(47 in3/min)
Stroke X axis travel (table longitudinal) mm (inch) 1500 (59.06)
Y axis travel (spindle vertical) mm (inch) 1200 (47.24)
Z axis travel (table cross) mm (inch) 700 (27.56)
W axis travel (spindle axial) mm (inch) 350 (13.78)
Distance from table top to spindle center mm (inch) 0~1200 (0~47.24)
Distance from table center to spindle nose mm (inch) 355~1055 (13.98~41.54)
Table Table work space mm (inch) 950×1050 (37.40×41.34)
Table maximum loading capacity kg (lbs) 3000 (6600)
Table top profile mm (inch) 22 (0.87) 7T slots
Table auto.indexing ° 0.001(every 90°index. by locate pin)
Spindle Head Boring spindle diameter mm (inch) 110 (4.33)
Spindle speed(for every 1min-1 min-1 5~3000
Spindle speed change range step 2
Spindle taper BBT50(BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system) *
Feed Rapid traverse (X・Y・Z) m (inch)/min 12 (472.44)
(W) m (inch)/min 6 (236.22)
Feedrate mm (inch)/min 1~6000 (0.04~236.22)
Table revolution min-1 1.4
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Tool shank MAS BT50(BBT50 BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system *)
Pull stud MAS P50T-1(45°)
Tool storage capacity pc 30
Max. tool diameter [vacant adjacent pots] mm (inch) 125 (4.92)[240 (9.45)]
Max. tool length mm (inch) 400 (15.75)
Max. tool weight kg (lbs) 25 (55)
Tool selection At random
Motors Spindle motor kW (HP) AC22(30)(30 min)/18.5(25)(cont.)
Feed motor kW (HP) X・Y・Z・W:3.0(4.0)/B:2.1(2.8)
Hydraulic motor kW (HP) 2.2 (3.0)
Voltage Power capacity(Not incl. opt) kVA 52
Air pressure source pressure MPa 0.5
Air pressure source flow (Not incl. opt) NL/min 400(atm)
Dimensions Machine height mm (inch) 3100 (122.05)
Floor space (Not incl. opt) mm (inch) 4300×4500 (169.29×177.17)
Machine weight(Incl. NC unit) kg (lbs) 14300 (31460)