Dual-Spindle Efficiency with Mazak Multiplex

The MULTIPLEX W-300Y multi-tasking CNC turning center redefines productivity with unparalleled DONE IN ONE® part processing capabilities. This Mazak Multiplex technology features part loading/unloading efficiency improvements of approximately 20 percent, while achieving shorter chip-to-chip times. This improvement rate is powered by the rack-and-pinion type gantry loader, marking a significant evolution from older belt-driven models.

MULTIPLEX W-300Y Features: 

  • Dual-spindle/dual-turret with milling tools and Y-axis capability
  • Center partition allows use as two separate machines
  • High-accuracy and high-speed workpiece transfer
  • Large window for excellent visibility of machine operation
  • Moveable CNC operation panel for operator ease of use
  • Easy conversational programming for multiple surface machining
  • MTConnect® ready for convenient networking
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use and maintenance
  • Advanced, high-performance programming functions available
  • Rack-and-pinion gantry loader shortens part loading/unloading times
  • New double wedge design offers superior chip disposal
Capacity Maximum Swing 16.93 in / 430 mm
Maximum Machining Diameter 16.930 in / 430 mm
Maximum Bar Work Capacity 3.2 in / 80 mm
Maximum Machining Length 8.860 in / 225 mm
Main Spindle Chuck Size 10 in
Maximum Speed 4000 rpm
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 35 hp / 26 kw
Second Spindle Chuck Size 10 in
Maximum Speed 4000 rpm
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 35 hp / 26 kw
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 24
Maximum Speed 5000 rpm
Motor Output (25 ED Rating) 8 kw
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 12.20 in / 310 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 6.06 in / 154 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 24.21 in / 615 mm
Travel (Z2 Axis) 24.21 in / 615 mm

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Precision Engineering and High-Speed Tooling on the MULTIPLEX W-300Y

This machine features dual-spindle/dual-turret with milling tools and Y-axis capabilities for single-setup, mid-to high-volume production. As a result, machinists can simultaneously machine parts to reduce cycle times and increase output. This ensures that each spindle performs identically to enhance part-processing flexibility during continuous operation. In addition, the Mazak Multiplex with high-speed tooling integrates full 360-degree clamping units into the integral spindles to enhance C-axis indexing accuracy. By offering an unmatched mix of speed, accuracy, and versatility, this multi-tasking machine exceeds the demands of modern production environments. As a result, machinists can meet the ever-growing demands of their industries with confidence.


A Testament to Advanced Manufacturing

The MULTIPLEX W-300Y redefines productivity and precision by embodying cutting-edge CNC technology. As a result, it offers machinists an unbeatable combination of speed, accuracy, and operational flexibility. This machine not only represents cutting edge CNC technology, but also a commitment of innovation and quality from Mazak. As a result, it ensures that manufacturers have the tools they need to stay ahead in a competitive market. With its advanced capabilities, the MULTIPLEX W-300Y is the perfect solution for CNC machine shops looking to optimize their production lines for efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.


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