A New Dimension in CNC Turning

This multi-tasking CNC turning center is made in Kentucky to break new ground in compact, high-performance machining solutions. This machine delivers Mazak reliability and innovation at an affordable price point to make advanced machining accessible and efficient for shops of all sizes. With an 8″ chuck and integral-motor spindle, it adeptly navigates through a variety of materials and industry demands. 

QT-Ez 8MY Features: 

  • Powerful and reliable integral motor headstock designs.
  • Rotary tooling (M) and Y-axis off-centerline machining (Y) for Multi-Tasking processing.
  • Hybrid MX Roller Guide System improves rigidity, accuracy and reliability.
  • Pre-tensioned ball screw systems with support at each end.
  • 12 position drum turret (bolt on type) for rotary tool applications.
  • Tailstock options include a manual position with hydraulic quill or servo positioning capability.
  • Seamless integration of bar feeders and robots for unattended operations.
Capacity Maximum Swing 27.40 in / 695 mm
Maximum Machining Diameter 13.500 in / 343 mm
Maximum Bar Work Capacity 2.0 in / 51 mm
Maximum Machining Length 22.400 in / 569 mm
Main Spindle Chuck Size 8 in / 203 mm
Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Motor Output (4 minute rating) 20.0 hp / 15 kw
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 12
Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Motor Output (3 minute rating) 7.5 hp / 5 kw
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 8.50 in / 216 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 4.00 in / 100 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 23.75 in / 605 mm

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Streamlining Production On The QT-Ez 8MY For Advanced Automation

This turning center is the key to unlocking continuous, high-efficiency operations to set a new standard for efficient turning with Mazak QT-Ez. For example, it offers both milling capabilities and Y-axis functionality to produce diverse parts in a singular operation. In addition, the automation-ready design seamlessly incorporates with bar feeders and robots to propel production into lights-out manufacturing efficiency. 


Precision Programming Unleashed with MAZATROL SmoothEz

This high-speed Mazak QT-Ez machining center is powered by the MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC system. This advanced interface offers an extensive range of programming capabilities from MAZATROL conversational programming to EIA/ISO compatibility. In addition, QUICK MAZATROL  streamlines part-program creation, and MAZATROL TWINS offers optional offline programming. The QT-Ez 8MY stands as a testament to Mazak’s commitment to innovation, combining high-speed performance with user-friendly technology to enhance productivity and efficiency in any machining operation.


Engineered for Excellence

The QT-Ez 8MY features a robust integral motor headstock for power and reliability. In addition, the combined power of rotary tooling (M) and Y-axis off-centerline machining (Y) introduces a new level of versatility and efficiency to machining operations. The Hybrid MX Roller Guide System also elevates the QT-Ez 8MY’s performance. This system ensures exceptional rigidity, pinpoint accuracy, and unmatched reliability to exceed the standards of traditional machining solutions. This superior engineering sets a new benchmark in the manufacturing industry, and assures that every operation on the QT-Ez 8MY translates into high quality products for modern applications. 


QT-Ez 8MY Demo


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