The VARIAXIS j-Series is highly accurate as it offers multiple surface, 5-axis options for applications within aerospace, automotive and general machinery industries. Capable of processing raw material input through final machining to reduce lead times and improve accuracy by eliminating multiple setups.


  • j-500 and j-600 provide high-accuracy multi-surface machining
  • j-500 5X and j-600 5X offer high-accuracy simultaneous 5-axis machining
  • DONE IN ONE® operations reduce total production time
  • Rotary/tilt table on j-500 and j-600 provides simultaneous 4-axis capabilities and A-axis indexing
  • Rotary/tilt table on the j-500 5X and j-600 5X enables simultaneous 5-axis machining
  • High-rigidity tables provide precision machining
  • 12,000 and 18,000 spindle speeds provide exceptional versatility
  • 18-tool and 30-tool magazines offer long, continuous operation
  • Automatic tool changers reduce machining cycle times
  • Linear roller guide on X-, Y- and Z-axes provide high accuracy positioning
  • Easy conversational programming for multi-surface and simultaneous 5-axis machining
  • Intelligent Functions provide ease of operation and optimum efficiency
  • Convenient operation when using an overhead crane
  • Two-pallet changer option facilitates unattended machining
  • Small footprints require minimal floor space

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