VORTEX e-1250V/8

Revolutionary Design and Stability

This Mazak Vortex Vertical Machining Center features an exceptional 5-axis simultaneous control system with an ergonomically designed structure. For example, the Vortex e-1250V/8 features a rigid, thermally symmetrical column to maintain stability and prevent any heat distortion during operation. This fundamental design element ensures that the machine can undertake extensive operational hours without losing precision, making it a great option for any CNC machine shop looking to benefit from Mazak Vortex e-V High-Speed Machining.

VORTEX e-1250V/8 Features:

  • Rigid, thermally symmetrical column
  • Robust, fast spindle and C-axis direct-drive motor generate speed, power and accuracy
  • Vertical rack-style tool magazine with generous standard capacity
  • Easily accessible work envelope heightens efficiency in job setups
  • 2 pallet changer system
Capacity Maximum Workpiece Diameter 57.090 in / 1450 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 62.990 in / 1600 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper BT50
Maximum Speed 10000 rpm
Magazine Number of Tools 42
Rotary Axes Spindle Tilt (B axis) 150 degrees
Table Indexing (C axis) 360.0000 degrees
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 73.82 in / 1875 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 49.21 in / 1250 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 52.95 in / 1345 mm

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Enhanced Precision on the Vortex e-1250V/8 

The advanced 5-Axis Mazak Vortex e-V is specifically engineered to meet intricate demands for a variety of applications. For example, the long axis travels and enhanced precision enable it to process large, complex parts that require meticulous heavy metal removal. As a result, it provides manufacturers with the confidence to execute complex designs with maximum efficiency and accuracy.


Streamlined Production for Aerospace Applications

The Vortex e-1250V/8 excels in machining diverse components with meticulous precision and high-quality finishes. In addition, the advanced technology optimizes production speeds without compromising quality. As a result, Precision Aerospace Machining with Vortex e-V machines significantly boosts productivity and fosters innovation on a global scale.


Securing Competitive Advantage in Industrial Manufacturing

Investing in the Mazak Vortex e-V equips facilities with a competitive edge in the industrial manufacturing sector. Its robust construction and advanced machining capabilities ensure that machine shops can expand their service offerings and tackle more complex, high-value projects. Additionally, the Vortex e-1250V/8’s speed, precision, and versatility secure a competitive edge in precision manufacturing markets. This strategic asset is key to propelling manufacturing capabilities into the future. By harnessing the power of the Vortex e-1250V/8, manufacturers can ensure that their operations are setting the pace in the world of precision machining and aerospace development.


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