Agile Flex 12P

The Agile Flex 12P CNC Machine Tool Loading System is an affordable, fenceless and productive system, ideally suited to smaller machines.

Agile Flex 12P CNC Machine Tool Loading System Technical Specifications
Agile control software Standard
Included standard nest plates (double layer) 1
Additional nest plates Option
Power supply (KvA) 2
Pneumatic pressure (bar) 6
Fanuc M10 iD12 robot (12kg payload) Standard
Double 3-jaw gripper Standard
Gripper pressure control Standard
Workpiece diameter (min/max) 1” – 4” / 25mm – 100mm
Workpiece length >12” / >300mm (application dependant)
Workpiece weight – double gripping (max) 9lbs / 4kg
Weight capacity (max) 500lbs / 220kg
Standard nest plate capacity ø0.75” – ø4” / ø20mm – ø100mm (pieces) 32
Standard nest plate capacity ø0.75” – ø2.5” / ø20mm – ø63mm (pieces) 72
Standard nest plate capacity ø0.75” – ø1.375” / ø20mm – ø35mm (pieces) 179
Floor scanner Standard
Integrated enclosure Standard
Safety fence Option
a pointed finger drags across a touch screen, sliding an option to drop


  • Familiar, easy to understand, state-of-the-art user interface.
  • Easy to follow wizard guided Agile Process Builder.
  • No robot programming knowledge or experience required.
  • Minimal user training required.

Agile Robotics system next to Mazak


  • Automate one or multiple CNC machine tools.
  • Compatible with all modern CNC machine tools.
  • A range of end of arm tooling options.
  • A range of part feeding options including pallets, drawer systems and billet feeders.
  • A range of in-cell options including part cleaning, drying and marking, re-grip, intelligent vision systems and quality control functions.
  • Allows manual operator loading for jobbing work when required.



  • Complex robot motion and sequences configured in minutes.
  • Quick set-up and turnaround allows for short batch runs.
  • Feed and handling options for unmanned operation over extended periods of time.