Agile Flex 35D

The Agile Flex 35D CNC Machine Tool Loading System is a larger capacity multi-layer drawer system for increased unmanned run time.

Agile Flex 35D CNC Machine Tool Loading System Technical Specifications
Agile control software Standard
Number of drawers (standard) 3
Number of drawers (max) 8
Included nest plates 1 per drawer
Additional nest plates Option
Drawer-mount pallet Option
Power supply (KvA) 3
Pneumatic pressure (bar) 6
Fanuc M20 iA35M robot (35kg payload) Standard
Double 3-jaw gripper Standard
Gripper pressure control Standard
Workpiece diameter (min/max) 1” – 6” / 25mm – 150mm
Workpiece length – 2 drawers (option) (min/max) 0.4″ – 12″ / 10mm – 300mm
Workpiece length – 4 drawers (standard) (min/max) 0.4″ – 6″ / 10mm – 150mm
Workpiece length – 8 drawers (option) (min/max) 0.4″ – 3″ / 10mm – 75mm
Workpiece length – optional drawer-mount pallet (max) >12” / >300mm (application dependant)
Workpiece weight – double gripping (max) 17.5lbs / 8kg
Weight capacity – drawer (max) 220lbs / 100kg
Weight capacity – optional drawer-mount pallet (max) 500lbs / 250kg
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø1” / ø25mm (pieces) 120
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø2” / ø50mm (pieces) 60
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø3” / ø75mm (pieces) 32
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø4” / ø100mm (pieces) 24
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø6” / ø150mm (pieces) 12
Floor scanner Standard
Integrated enclosure Standard
Safety fence Option
a pointed finger drags across a touch screen, sliding an option to drop


  • Familiar, easy to understand, state-of-the-art user interface.
  • Easy to follow wizard guided Agile Process Builder.
  • No robot programming knowledge or experience required.
  • Minimal user training required.
Agile Robotics system next to Mazak


  • Automate one or multiple CNC machine tools.
  • Compatible with all modern CNC machine tools.
  • A range of end of arm tooling options.
  • A range of part feeding options including pallets, drawer systems and billet feeders.
  • A range of in-cell options including part cleaning, drying and marking, re-grip, intelligent vision systems and quality control functions.
  • Allows manual operator loading for jobbing work when required


  • Complex robot motion and sequences configured in minutes.
  • Quick set-up and turnaround allows for short batch runs.
  • Feed and handling options for unmanned operation over extended periods of time.