JMT Hydraulic Angle Rolling Machines

JMT PBH Series Hydraulic Angle Rolling Machines

Hydraulic Profile Bending Rolls

In today’s market it is sometimes difficult to determine the quality of one brand of machine from another. On the outside they all look the relatively the same, but once you get under the “hood” that’s where the differences make themselves apparent. JMT’s hydraulic angle rolls, sometimes referred to as profile benders, are a perfect example of this.

The PBH model incorporates an industrial grade hydraulic system to control the top forming roll. This design lessens the operator’s effort and time to set up jobs. More importantly the operator is able to easily repeat previous bending radii. In addition to the hydraulic movement, there is also a digital readout to advise the operator as to the position of the top shaft location, which aids in repetitive bending. The PBH series has a powerful direct drive gearbox drive system that delivers full torque when bending at full capacity. This series of angle roll has an inverter that is overload protected, to control the rolling speed. Being variable speed allows the operator to fine tune different rolling speeds for each type of material. The PBH rolls only require 220 volt electrical power to operate and can be operated in either the horizontal mode for larger rolling projects or vertical mode for smaller rolling projects.

Operation of the angle roll is conducted from a standalone operator’s pedestal that has a digital readout programmer, controls for the top roll positioning as well as foot pedal controls for forward and reverse.

World class quality features of the new PBH series are varied and numerous; hardened tool steel shafts and rolls running in dual self-aligning spherical bearings for long service life. All three rollers are driven via planetary gear reducers and hydraulic motors with the main fan cooled electric motor having electrical overload protection. These PBH profile bending machines are of the double initial pinch design, with independent hydraulic adjustment of both lateral bending rolls. Lateral guides are adjustable in all three axis so as to facilitate “leg in-leg out” angle iron bending. If you believe that automation increases output, the PBH angle rolls can be ordered with N.C. control, CNC control, and digital read out for side supports. These machines can also be had with wired or wireless remotes, spiral bending mechanisms and hydraulic control of lateral guide rolls in an additional 2 axis. If a feature you desire is not listed above, please contact your local JMT-USA Sales Representative as we probably have what you need.


JMT PBH-600 Hydraulic Angle Roller

Section Modules: 240-420 in3
Shaft Diameters: 14.96 in, 14.96 in, 14.96 in
Roll diameters: 31.5″
Motor Power 60HP + 60HP+ 40 HP
Turning Speed: 0-23 FPM
Dimensions: 245″ L x 205″ W x 170″ H
Weight: 171,960 lbs

Standard Specifications:
– 1 set of standard universal hardened and ground rolls (special steel)
– All rolls have separate planetary gear boxes and are hydramotor driven
– Hydraulic control of lateral guide rolls in 3 axes (Thrust / Translation / Radial )
– 6 axes total
– Adjustable turning speed
– Portable control panel with programmable DROs
– Horizontal operation
– Body constructed of stress-relieved steel
– Hydraulic/electrical overload protection
– Bottom roll shafts hydraulically adjusted
– World standard electrical/hydraulic components (parts stocked by us or are available off-the-shelf from your local supplier)
– Compliant with CE norms regulations

– Special rolls for pipe and profiles
– Rolls and tooling for hardway beam/channel bending
– Digital readout for side supports
– NC control system – with or without axis
– CNC control system
– Remote (wired or wireless)
– Anti-deformation apparatus for U-I-H bending
– Spiral bending apparatus
– Custom machines available