JMT ADS Series CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes

JMT ADS Series Hydraulic Press Brakes


It’s hard to be humble when you’re so far ahead of the pack you can’t even see who is bringing up the rear. Some people say “it’s lonely at the top” we kind of like it. Remember that scene in the old wild west saloon, when the bad hombre came through the doors and the whole place got quiet. Well the ADS CNC Press Brake is our “bad hombre” just without the spurs. When your pedigree is nothing but the best, your results usually follow.


With up to 14 axis capability (optionally) no part is too complicated, no matter what kind of design program conceived the part. The new generation DA 66T-touch control offers an even higher grade of efficiency in programming, operation and control of JMT’s ADS press brakes. Ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand, improving productivity. The touch screen gives access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. The DA-66T offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle and minimize set-up time. This makes using the ADS press brake even easier, more efficient and more versatile than ever.

Our ADS series cnc controlled hydraulic press brakes can be configured as a tandem (2) machine combined to create a longer bending length, a trio (3) machine combination or even a quad (4) machine configuration for greatly extended bending length, representing the latest technology in press brake automation. Powerful, easy-to-use CNC touch screen control with 3D graphical visualization. The large openings and strokes of the ADS Series facilitate the versatile production of complex large parts requiring increased clearance, such as the production of deep-sectioned four-sided boxes. This provides for more clearance when bending parts with larger flanges. In some cases this allows the buyer to purchase a shorter press brake. The wide space can also reduce cycle times, the application of highly dynamic hydraulic servo valves controlling all major components of the press brake contribute to faster machine movement while drastically reducing cycle times and improving through put production. .Long double guides in combination with well-designed cylinder construction make a large and flexible beam opening possible.

Stable and fast AC Servo motor driven back gauge system increases part production because of the greatly enhanced high speed positioning of the sheet. The ADS back gauge is a precision component all on its own. Utilizing an inverter controlled direct drive servo driven lead screw and motor, the back gauge is as accurate as it is fast. Using very heavy duty channel and tube construction, the entire component is all steel and designed to go the distance.

The durability of the back end of the press doesn’t stop there, extra heavy duty linear guide anchors the back gauge fingers solidly while still providing fingertip movement when adjustment is needed. These same back gauge fingers are also height adjustable. Standard X-axis travel is 25.6″ with third gauge step capable of gauging parts up to 39″ with standard back gauge (most machines). With the X/R style back gauge, the height of the back gauge is programmable in addition to the depth. This is very useful for changes in die height, extreme crowning settings, and for gauging to a flange that may be a different height than the die. Retraction is also a standard feature that helps improve the accuracy of the produced part.

As with all JMT-USA high quality press brakes we make it easy to either get replacement parts from us, or your local supply house. The major components are accessible if ever needed. The supplier list of the ADS press brake are both the best quality available with a considerable support network across the U.S.A.



The options list for the JMT ADS press brake is considerable from the Laser Safety systems, (AKAS-LC) manual or motorized and set by the c-n-c controller. To the following;




  • Up to 14+ Axes available:
    • Z1, Z2 axes
    • X1, X2 axes
    • R1, R2 axes
    • Delta X axis, +/- 5″ stroke (10″ total)
    • X Axis = 40″ travel with light barrier back protection
    • X1, X2 axes for light pole production
    • X1, X2 axes with pneumatic pushers for light pole production
    • AP3 – AP4 sheet follower with sliding guide and motorized height adjustment
    • F1-F2 front feeding system with supports
    • F1-F2 with pneumatic pushers on front feeding system with supports


  • 40 inch backgauge – back protection with light barrier
  • Additional finger blocks


  • Quick release
  • JMT hydraulic or mechanical
  • Wila or Wilson hydraulic or mechanical


  • Profile -W or V-Bend offline software


  • Safety laser manual or motorized
  • Laser finger protection (for bottom beam)
  • Light curtain for tandem | trio | quad machines


  • Additional sliding front arms
  • Robotics


  • American, European, JMT, Wila, Wilson, other
  • Bottom tool positioning system
  • Multi-V Tooling packages


  • Adaptive bending sensors
  • Thickness measurement systems
  • If your need is to bend high quality parts with the most profit producing press brake, then the ADS series press brake is your answer. We have them in stock, we have the support in your backyard, and we have the knowledge necessary to keep your company on the plus side. Request a quote for JMT you will experience a responsive company who still believes that service comes first.JMT is a family-owned company that has been in operation for two generations. With over 50 years of experience as a master supplier of metal fabrication equipment, JMT is dedicated to servicing its customers. When you purchase equipment from JMT, you’re buying more than just machinery, you’re buying our knowledge and dedicated customer support.s


The foundation of all JMT press brakes is a solid, mono-block frame made from mill certified, high-yield steel. As a result, JMT press brakes perform accurately and reliably year after year. We’re so confident in our frames that we offer a 10-year warranty with our standard machines.

Dual hydraulic cylinders located on either side of the ram provide faster approach speeds. The cylinders are synchronized to provide smooth motion resulting in precise ram positions to accuracies of .0004″



JMT press brakes can easily accommodate parts with deep bends and that require long tooling because of our open space design. Our machines typically have deeper throat depths, larger daylight spaces and longer stroke lengths than any manufacturer in the market.

We’ve also mounted the RAM GUIDING on the outside of the frame to maximize the distance between the side frames so our press brakes can accommodate deep part flanges.


Because of the versatility of press brakes and their uses, safety at the point of operation is the responsibility of the owner and operators. JMT offers the ram-mounted AKAS-LC Safety Light Guard. Located at the bending level and based on the location of the punch tip, this system helps prevent injuries. Transmitter and receiver are fixed to the ram of the machine and form a laser-optical safety light grid that follows the ram or punch tip.