JMT FBS Series High Tonnage CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes

JMT FBS Series High Tonnage CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes


The bending length of our High Tonnage Press Brakes are increased considerably, and the specially designed stress relieved frame of these large press brakes have a unique box frame arrangement. The frames are specially and significantly reinforced to carry heavier center loads, because of this design, large gaps, strokes, and daylight openings have been engineered into each machine.

Additional features of our larger higher tonnage press brakes is the ability to set these machines up as tandem brakes or even trio arranged brakes for extended bending lengths. Many of our larger brake jobs come with made to order front and back feed systems that automate the entire process from start to finish.

Our high tonnage press brake also come standard with our top of the line Delem DA66 CNC controller with Y1,Y2 X, and R axis already built in. This controller also includes 2D graphical programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculations with collision avoidance calculation. Together with “self-learning” (teach in) databases this controller contributes to a quality result on the finished product. The Delem DA66 controller also includes 3-D machine setup that includes multiple tool stations and offers true feedback on product feasibility and handling.

The FBS series press brakes offer plenty of value included on these machines as standard equipment, such as automatic table crowning. On high-tonnage “mega” press brakes, a “box construction” frame is used – the most stable type of machine body.

JMT’s FBS (Flexible Bending Solutions) innovations offer advanced technologies for bending large sheet metal for extremely diversifed uses in different industries while avoiding long, expensive welding operations (which risks material stability). The FBS strategy focuses on minimizing the handling of large work pieces before, during and after bending with regard to the remaining manufacturing processes.

Standard Specifications

  • Flexibility of bending that varies for diversified uses
  • Accuracy for large & high spring-back sheets
  • Lowered setup times through automated loading & unloading
  • Increased employee safety


The foundation of all JMT press brakes is a solid, mono-block frame made from mill certified, high-yield steel. As a result, JMT press brakes perform accurately and reliably year after year. We’re so confident in our frames that we offer a 10-year warranty with our standard machines.

Dual hydraulic cylinders located on either side of the ram provide faster approach speeds. The cylinders are synchronized to provide smooth motion resulting in precise ram positions to accuracies of .0004″



JMT press brakes can easily accommodate parts with deep bends and that require long tooling because of our open space design. Our machines typically have deeper throat depths, larger daylight spaces and longer stroke lengths than any manufacturer in the market.

We’ve also mounted the RAM GUIDING on the outside of the frame to maximize the distance between the side frames so our press brakes can accommodate deep part flanges.


Because of the versatility of press brakes and their uses, safety at the point of operation is the responsibility of the owner and operators. JMT offers the ram-mounted AKAS-LC Safety Light Guard. Located at the bending level and based on the location of the punch tip, this system helps prevent injuries. Transmitter and receiver are fixed to the ram of the machine and form a laser-optical safety light grid that follows the ram or punch tip.