Mazak Hyper Variaxis

Hyper Variaxis

The HYPER VARIAXIS Series of multiple-surface, 5-axis Vertical Machining Centers delivers Mazak’s highly productive Done-In-One manufacturing with the capability to completely machine workpiece tops, sides and angled surfaces in single setups. The machines incorporate the most advanced technology available to provide unparalleled performance. Linear motors drive machine linear axes for blinding fast rapid traverse speeds and exact positioning, while direct drive motors power machine tilt/rotary trunion tables for high precision 5-axis contouring. The machines also come standard with powerful high-speed spindles and ample tool storage. For ease of use and operator convenience, the machine designs incorporate large front doors for total work area access – from both the fronts and tops of machines. Control panels include bigger screens and more intuitive interfaces, and all machine contours are rounded to prevent operator injury.


  • Multiple-surface, 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Fast, high-precision linear motor drives
  • Powerful high-speed spindles
  • Ample tool storage
  • Quick chip-to-chip tool change time
  • Efficiency-boosting two-pallet changers
  • Ergonomic machine designs
  • Intelligent Machine functions

Integral Motor

Provides unmatched rigidity, speed, and accuracy

With high-speed or high-torque available integral motor spindle types, the machine allows users to match spindle performance to their specific machining requirements with the proper speeds and power. The machine provides fast, efficient and versatile machining of a wide variety of materials from steels to nonferrous metals. Vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finish and maximum tool life.

Twin Y-Axis

Productivity of 2 Turning Centers within 1

  • 2 independently controlled spindles/turrets with the same machining performance delivers twice the output of a single 2-Axis turning center
  • Automatic workpiece transfer provides the ability to perform continuous machining of 1st and 2nd turning processes
  • Simultaneously fully-automatic continuous machining of both sides of a workpiece
  • Chuck-type workpieces are processed 1.5 times faster, resulting in 40% of the time used when compared to conventional 4-Axis lathes.
  • Tool interface is no longer an issue, unlike traditional 4-axis turning machines.

Dual Pallet Changer

The industry’s fastest Two Pallet Changer

  • More surface contact for large load capacities and better dampening
  • Pre-engineered for integration into factory automation setups including Mazak’s PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell
  • Designed for convenient system expansion after the initial system installation from a minimum of 1 machining center, 1 loading station and pallet stocker with pallets. The pallet stocker modules are available in single, double, or triple levels.