The INTEGREX i-AM Series combines our most advanced Multi-Tasking technology with additive manufacturing to create highly innovative turnkey solutions for a variety of industries, including aerospace, energy and medical.

In fact, these Hybrid Multi-Tasking machines are well suited for small lot production of very difficult-to-cut materials such as Inconel® 718 and 316 stainless steel.

The additive capabilities of these machines allow users to easily generate near-net-shape component features and then quickly complete them via high-precision finish machining operations.

And like all of our Multi-Tasking solutions, INTEGREX i-AM machines significantly reduce setup time by performing most or all of a part’s machining in one cycle.

Featuring milling and turning spindles as well as full 5-axis capabilities, users can easily process prismatic parts from solid billets or castings (chucked or bar fed), round parts, highly contoured parts and now those features built using additive technology.


  • Efficient turnkey solutions offer DONE IN ONE® part processing
  • Milling spindles provide -30/+120-degree B-axis movement
  • Turning spindles offer full C-axis contouring
  • High-speed or high-accuracy cladding heads available
  • Standard automatic tool changers load cladding heads into milling turrets
  • Fully programmable NC tailstocks

Laser Deposition

The fusion of 5-Axis Machining and Additive Manufacturing

Revolutionary Technology now provides capabilities beyond any traditional machining center. perfect for small lot production of very difficult-to-cut materials, this hybrid Multi-Tasking machine uses its additive (3D Printing) capabilities to easily generate near-net-shape component features and then completes them via high-precision finish machining operations in rapid completion. If necessary, the machine can also laser mark parts. Easily repair old, worn, used parts with unprecedented flexibility, or add features to a workpiece outside of the original billet with Mazak’s DONE IN ONE® part processing.

Roller Cam B-Axis

For high-rigidity heavy-duty cutting

Elimination of backlash ensures high accuracy and high efficiency machining. (over the rotary position range of 150 degrees, positioning accuracy is two times better than the ISO standard)

Powerful Milling Spindle

Powerful milling spindle for faster cycle times

Thanks to the integral spindle / motor design, vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life. For high-accuracy machining, temperature controlled cooling oil is circulated around the spindle bearings and headstock to minimize any thermal change to the spindle.