Cybertech Turn

Powerful, Heavy-Duty CNC Turning Centers

Designed for large-diameter, long-shaft workpieces, the CYBERTECH TURN machines pack the rigidity and horsepower for heavy-duty cutting with Multi-Tasking capabilities for aggressive metal removal. The machines allow for turning, milling, drilling, tapping and deep boring up to 40″ in a single machine setup. As ergonomically designed machines, tools are highly visible, and setups and programing are easy. An optional pipe re-threading program calculates positions and performs re-threading in a few simple steps.


  • 12-position upper turret with turning and/or rotary tool abilities
  • Selected models have a (T) 8-postition lower turret for simultaneous turning with the upper turret
  • Various bed lengths for long shaft applications
  • Deep-hole boring with automatic changer
  • Fully Programmable servo tailstock
  • MAZATROL conversational programming and/or G-code format

Big Spindle Bore

Large Spindle Sizes as a machine standard

The powerful main spindle is designed for heavy-duty cutting and features an integral variable-speed AC inverter motor with two gear ranges to realize high spindle speed and high cutting torque. For high accuracy contour machining, the C-Axis is driven by a drop worm system and has a minimum program increment of 0.001 degrees.

The main spindle bore features generous standard sizes as large as ∅375mm (∅14.8″) with 500RPM, all the way down to ∅132mm(∅5.2″) at 2400RPM. 

Rotary Tool Spindle

Provides High Efficiency

In addition to threading, the manufacturing of oil piping also requires drilling, tapping, and groove machining. The powerful milling spindle with an output of AC11 kW (15HP) and top-speed of 3000RPM has the same machining capability of a mid-size machining center.

Long Boring Bar

Turning of Long, Large Diameter Workpieces

Two long boring bars can be stored in the long boring bar stocker located above the tailstock.  This provides  a particularly useful feature that allows the deep boring processes of large workpieces to be performed automatically while avoiding the sacrifice of rigidity everywhere possible.

(Note: cutting heads for the long boring bares are manually changed)

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