Dual Turn

The DUAL TURN Series of advanced turning centers brings increased production efficiency to shops with minimal floor space. Suitable for a variety of applications, the machines employ two opposing spindles and two turrets (left and right) in a single platform.


  • Dual high-speed spindles provide efficient part transfer between one another
  • Matching non-lift, 12-station turrets provide maximum tool layout flexibility
  • CNC makes it easy to program 4-axis machining operations
  • Easily integrates with automation equipment for unmanned part loading and unloading

Twin Integral Motors

Productivity of 2 Turning Centers within 1

  • 2 independently controlled spindles/turrets with the same machining performance delivers twice the output of a single 2-Axis turning center
  • Automatic workpiece transfer provides the ability to perform continuous machining of 1st and 2nd turning processes
  • Simultaneously fully-automatic continuous machining of both sides of a workpiece
  • Chuck-type workpieces are processed 1.5 times faster, resulting in 40% of the time used when compared to conventional 4-Axis lathes.
  • Tool interface is no longer an issue, unlike traditional 4-axis turning machines.

Automatic Tool Eye

Automated Detection for Tool Wear and Damage

Each machine features a standard tool eye that automatically measures tool-tip positions to detect for tool wear and damage, ensuring part accuracy during continuous machining operations. Compensation can be automatically calculated with inspection for tool breakage. In addition, since tool setup is done by simply bringing the tool tip into contact with the Tool Eye, tool setup time is considerably reduced.

Automated Workpiece Handling

Increased productivity by automatic operation

  • Unloading Hand: For increased machine utilization
  • Cut Feeder: Automatically cuts bar material up to 80mm (3.15in) diameter, including cold-rolled steel and irregularly-shaped material. Automatically supplies workpiece material cut to length to machine spindle.
  • Cycle Bar Feeder: Handles small diameters up to 50mm (1.97in) cold finished steel bar.
  • Automated and Unmanned operation by unloading hand and Mazak Cut Feeder or Cycle Bar Feeder