Hyper Quadrex

High-volume throughput and part-processing versatility.

The HYPER QUADREX Series is designed for high volume productivity, featuring simultaneous first and second operations or balanced cutting/milling through its first/second spindles and upper/lower turrets. The HYPER QUADREX machine configuration directly results in part-processing versatility, and reduced cycle times among various operations – ranging from chuck work to the machining of large diameter bar stock. Advanced automation options enable unattended, continuous operation by combining these machines with a bar feeder and workpiece unloader for bar work, or with a robot loader for chuck work. The superior designs of the HYPER QUARDREX machines ensure high productivity within a compact floor plan.


  • Two-turret/two-spindle configurations for increased production
  • Upper and lower turrets
  • Wide range of part size capability
  • Fast cycle times with balanced cutting and simultaneous first and second ops
  • Seamless integration of either overhead gantry robot loading systems or bar feeders
  • Fast and easy programming for using all machine spindles and turrets in part processing.

Integral Motor

Provides unmatched rigidity, speed, and accuracy

With high-speed or high-torque available integral motor spindle types, the machine allows users to match spindle performance to their specific machining requirements with the proper speeds and power. The machine provides fast, efficient and versatile machining of a wide variety of materials from steels to nonferrous metals. Vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finish and maximum tool life.

Automatic Tool Eye

Automated Detection for Tool Wear and Damage

Each machine features a standard tool eye that automatically measures tool-tip positions to detect for tool wear and damage, ensuring part accuracy during continuous machining operations. Compensation can be automatically calculated with inspection for tool breakage. In addition, since tool setup is done by simply bringing the tool tip into contact with the Tool Eye, tool setup time is considerably reduced.

Twin Y-Axis

Productivity of 2 Turning Centers within 1

  • 2 independently controlled spindles/turrets with the same machining performance delivers twice the output of a single 2-Axis turning center
  • Automatic workpiece transfer provides the ability to perform continuous machining of 1st and 2nd turning processes
  • Simultaneously fully-automatic continuous machining of both sides of a workpiece
  • Chuck-type workpieces are processed 1.5 times faster, resulting in 40% of the time used when compared to conventional 4-Axis lathes.
  • Tool interface is no longer an issue, unlike traditional 4-axis turning machines.