Integrex e-H

The INTEGREX e-H Series encompasses machines that are a complete fusion of CNC turning centers and machining centers. This combination allows for completing all part operations in single setups – turning, milling, drilling and more with Mazak’s DONE IN ONE® machining concept. The advanced B-Axis milling spindle design with Y-Axis capability is available on all models. Machine configurations can include second turning spindle (S) versions and those with lower turret (T) rotary tool spindles on the ST machine models.


  • DONE IN ONE performance
  • Y-Axis, off-center machining
  • 240-degree B-Axis milling spindle positioning
  • Single-setup machining
  • Second turning spindles
  • Lower turret rotary tool spindles
  • Large capacity tool magazine

Roller Cam B-Axis

For high-rigidity heavy-duty cutting

Elimination of backlash ensures high accuracy and high efficiency machining. (over the rotary position range of 150 degrees, positioning accuracy is two times better than the ISO standard)


Improves productivity by incorporating advanced functions

  • Provides instructions to the operator for safe machine operation
  • Contributes to reduced down-time
  • Provides information in order to realize higher productivity
  • Provides assistance to reduce recovery time from alarm status

Long Boring Bar System

Turning of Long, Large Diameter Workpieces

The unique long boring bar system is extremely effective for the inner diameter and deep hole machining of large workpieces. Up to 3 boring bars are stored in the stocker located over the tailstock. The INTEGREX e-670H II automatically changes the boring bar heads which are stored in the standard tool machine.