Integrex e-RAMTEC

The INTEGREX e-RAMTEC Series encompasses machines that combine the capabilities of a machining center with those of a vertical turning center. In addition to all capabilities of Mazak’s INTEGREX e-V II Series machining centers, RAMTEC machines feature ram spindles in addition to B-axis tilt milling spindles. The ram spindles allow for deep I.D. turning and machining and provide the ability to bore as well as do small milling and drilling with right angle heads.


  • DONE IN ONE® performance
  • 150-degree B-axis milling spindle tilt positioning
  • Rotating tables for C-axis contouring/turning
  • Ram spindle for increased processing versatility
  • Large capacity tool magazines
  • Easy integration into Mazak PALLETECH System automation

RAM Spindle

Inner diameter machining

The ram spindle is mounted on the side of the milling spindle housing and has a vertical stroke of 900 mm so that not only turning but also milling processes by using an angle head can be performed. In order to perform a wide variety of machining, the ram spindle has its own tool magazine with a capacity of 40 tools. The ram spindle has a 7.5 kW (10 HP) milling motor for providing excellent performance from drilling and tapping to milling. The ram spindle uses CAPTO C6 tooling.

Roller Cam B-Axis

For high-rigidity heavy-duty cutting

Elimination of backlash ensures high accuracy and high efficiency machining. (over the rotary position range of 150 degrees, positioning accuracy is two times better than the ISO standard)

Long Boring Bar Changer

Turning of Long, Large Diameter Workpieces

The unique long boring bar system is extremely effective for the inner diameter and deep hole machining of large workpieces. Up to 3 boring bars are stored in the stocker located over the tailstock. The INTEGREX automatically changes the boring bar heads which are stored in the standard tool machine.