Megaturn Nexus

The MEGATURN NEXUS Series of CNC vertical turning centers excel in heavy-duty cutting of large tough-to-machine workpieces. With machine configurations that include rotary tool milling (M) capability, the machines can combine turning and secondary machining operations to increase accuracy and productivity with multi-tasking capability.


  • Powerful, rigid, high-torque integrated main drive motor/spindles
  • Maximum part loads of 6,614 lbs. (including chucks)
  • Drum turrets for rapid tool indexing
  • Rotary tool milling (M) machine configurations
  • Available automatic tool changing systems
  • Optional two-pallet changers

No VTL Cross-Rail

Larger machining area from eliminated intereference

Maximum workpiece size of ø920mm(ø36.22”) × 800mm(31.50”). The machine base is designed for heavy duty cutting by using structural analysis to ensure the maximum rigidity. By utilizing roller linear guides on the X-and Z-axes, not only is high rigidity realized but smooth cutting is also ensured even at high speed feedrates. Because of these modifications, the high strength and rigidity is maintained without the presence of a VTL Crossrail.

Integral Motor

Provides unmatched rigidity, speed, and accuracy

The integral spindle/motor uses no gears or belts which can cause vibration during machining. The smaller number of parts in the headstock assembly provides high-reliability.

Long Boring Bar Changer

Increases machine uptime

The system eliminates interference with adjacent tools for extremely convenient tool setup. By increasing the number fo tools that can be stored, permanent set tooling that meets the requirements of a wide variety of workpieces can be used. Higher productivity is realized by minimizing tool setup when changing workpieces. Demonstrated above, the turning tools (including long boring bars) can be automatically stored in the adjacent tool magazine.