Slant Turn Nexus

SLANT TURN NEXUS CNC turning centers are powerful, heavy-duty for large part turning applications such as oil field pipes, pipeline control valves, turbine wheels, aircraft and off-road parts and the production of power generating components for the aerospace, oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries.


  • High maximum torque spindles for heavy-duty cutting
  • Spindle C-axis positioning for slotting cuts and precisely drilled holes
  • Milling spindle (M) machine configurations available
  • 12-position drum turrets for rapid tool indexing
  • NC servo-driven tailstocks
  • Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide Systems

Large Spindle Bore

Redefining Heavy Metal Work

Largest spindle bore in this turning center class. Designed for heavy-duty machining of large, long shaft workpieces.

  • Spindle Bore: ø560mm (ø22.05″) / Available Chuck size options: 32″ & 40″
  • Maximum machining diameter 820mm (32.28″)
  • Optional: NC steady rest with maxiumum gripping range of ø510mm (ø20.08″)
  • Maximum machining length 3012/4032mm (118.58″/158.74″)
  • Maximum Spindle Torque 9400Nm (6933 ft-lbs)
  • Spindle Output 60kW (80HP)

Turret with High Speed Milling

The Next Level in Productivity

The turret is rigidly clamped by a high-index coupling for high-performance machining including intermittent cutting. Additionally, the turret can hold 12 tools, and is designed for the minimum workpiece interference with boring bars while turning. VDI-Type Tool Holders of the SLANT TURN NEXUS can be quickly loaded/unloaded by turning a single bolt for minimum tool setup time. Additionally, the rotary tool spindle of the SLANT TURN NEXUS has a maximum speed of 4000 rpm and output of 7.5 kW (10 HP) to provide performance comparable to a small machining center.

Large, Long Shaft Workpieces

High Efficiency Machining on even the bulkiest

  • Max. Swing Φ1040mm
  • Max. Machining diameter Φ910mm (35.83″)
  • Large steady rest for long shaft workpieces up to a maximum diameter of 410mm