Super Quadrex

The Super Quadrex 4 axis Series of single spindle, two-turret CNC Turning Centers offers Multi-tasking machining. Faster cycle times by simultaneously cutting with upper and lower turrets –such as O.D. and I.D, O.D. and drilling for balanced cutting. These high production machines also increase throughput for mass production applications of longer shaft work, or for chucked work. Super Quadrex (M) configuration machines also offer live spindles for secondary drilling and milling operations on the centerline.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Two 45 degree opposed wedge style turrets for combined operations
  • Balanced cutting capability using both turrets
  • Steady rest applications capability
  • Fast setup using standard tool eye feature
  • Integral spindle technology
  • Easy integration of bar feeders and gantry robots for automated operations

Twin Integral Motors

Productivity of 2 Turning Centers within 1

  • 2 independently controlled spindles/turrets with the same machining performance delivers twice the output of a single 2-Axis turning center
  • Automatic workpiece transfer provides the ability to perform continuous machining of 1st and 2nd turning processes
  • Simultaneously fully-automatic continuous machining of both sides of a workpiece
  • Chuck-type workpieces are processed 1.5 times faster, resulting in 40% of the time used when compared to conventional 4-Axis lathes.
  • Tool interface is no longer an issue, unlike traditional 4-axis turning machines.

Lower Turret

Increased flexibility brings higher productivity

The lower turret makes it possible to have two tools cutting simultaneously for higher productivity. The same tool mounted on the lower turret can be used for machining on both the main and second spindles, thanks to the unique turret design that reduces the required number of tools. In addition, tools used by the INTEGREX Ⅳ series can be used by the INTEGREX i series. Allows for full 5-axis machining and DONE IN ONE® operations. Carries nine tools and performs balanced cutting.

Automatic Tool Eye

Automated Detection for Tool Wear and Damage

Each machine features a standard tool eye that automatically measures tool-tip positions to detect for tool wear and damage, ensuring part accuracy during continuous machining operations. Compensation can be automatically calculated with inspection for tool breakage. In addition, since tool setup is done by simply bringing the tool tip into contact with the Tool Eye, tool setup time is considerably reduced.