Turning Center

As some of Mazak’s biggest Turning Centers, the TURNING CENTER Series M-5 machines deliver heavy duty machining capability and feature flat-bed constructions for easy work access for processing big, heavy long parts. Plus, machines have big, hollow bore capacities for large diameter pipe-type work.

The Mazak M-5N Turning Center delivers heavy duty machining capability and features a flat-bed construction for easy work access and chip flow. The dual turret configuration streamlines the processing of large, long parts. The M-5N also provides spindle bore sizes up to 7.1″ in diameter and with front and rear chucks, large diameter pipe-type work is easily handled.


  • Flat-bed design
  • Optional 7.1″-diameter spindle bore
  • Rigid high-torque, geared headstock for heavy-duty cutting
  • Octagonal disc (front) and hexagonal (rear) boring turret

Flat Bed Design

Incredibly Rigid One-Piece Bed helps chip disposal

The Meehanite cast bed and base are of a single piece. The Meehanite-process cast iron bed has no cross ribs in the center to restrict chip flow (universal 1000). The double-wall box-type construction utilizes sand inside the casting for excellent damping characteristics. Combined with the rigid bed design, this ensures a stable foundation for heavy-duty cutting. The M-5N’s precision-ground V-shaped slideways undergo a special induction hardening process developed by Mazak (over Hs 70).

Octagonal Disk Turret

Provides part-production versatility

  • Allow 14 permanently-set tools to minimize set-up time.
  • Better distribution load points via an X-Design that allows load to be applied in four directions
  • Accepts standard qualified tool-holders.
  • High-precision, heavy-duty cutting is guaran¬≠teed by large diameter couplings and high turret clamping force (front octagonal disk turret coupling: dia. 252 mm (9.92″), 4550 kg (10010 lbs); rear hexagonal boring turret coupling: dia. 230 mm (9.06″), 4100 kg (9020 lbs)).
  • One-step turret indexing takes only 1.8 seconds, while full-step indexing takes 3.2 seconds, reducing non-cutting time (octagonal disk turret).

Heavy-Duty Cutting

From Low to High Speed Ranges

  • The maintenance-free AC spindle motor, with a speed range 6 to 2200 rpm and full-power available between 178 to 2200 RPM by a 3-speed hydraulic gear shift system, makes the M-5N ideal for large-diameter workpieces of difficult to machine material.
  • To eliminate noise and vibration, the spindle helical gears are precision ground after hardening. The forced oil shower lubrication system effectively prevents thermal displacement.
  • The main spindle is supported by sturdy, ultra-high-precision double-row cylindrical roller bearings (spindle front bearing diameter: 150 mm (5.91″)) and angular contact bearings, providing the rigidity required for heavy-duty cutting.
  • The large spindle bore of 104 mm (4.10″) makes the M-5N ideal for bar work.