Fast Jigmatic Vertical

Machine top and side surfaces in a single workpiece setup

The FJV Series of vertical machining centers encompasses high-precision, high-productivity, mostly double-column-designed machines, with enhanced performance, Intelligent Functions and rigid machine constructions. Larger series machines featuring special double-column design ensure heavy-duty machining because distances from machine Z-axis faces to spindle center lines are much shorter, resulting in increased rigidity and high accuracy machining over extended periods of operation. Ergonomic machine designs ensure convenient loading/unloading of large workpieces and overall ease of operation.


  • Wide range of large table sizes and spindle types
  • Available side milling capability for 5-sided machining
  • Ample tool storage capacities
  • High accuracy and superior cutting capability
  • Fast rapid traverse rates
  • Superior thin-walled parts machining capability
  • Machining area completely covered for flying chip containment

Integral Motor

Provides unmatched rigidity, speed, and accuracy

With high-speed or high-torque available integral motor spindle types, the machine allows users to match spindle performance to their specific machining requirements with the proper speeds and power. The machine provides fast, efficient and versatile machining of a wide variety of materials from steels to nonferrous metals. Vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finish and maximum tool life.

Multi-Face Attachment

High-efficiency cutting of four side surfaces

Mazak angle head is tightly clamped by the four unique Mazak hydraulic clamping units on the spindle housing surface. The patented angle head can be indexed to four positions, every 90°, to minimize the number of required tools. Unlike conventional angle tools, the angle head is strongly clamped by 3 of the clamping units. Heavy-duty cutting can be performed in a wide machining area on each face with this rigid construction.

Auto-Tool Length Measurement

Reduces set up time and increases reliability

The length of tools, such as drills and taps, are automatically measured by the tool measuring unit mounted at the side of the machine table. The same unit can inspect a tool for breakage immediately after its machining operation is completed. If any breakage is detected, that tool will no longer be used and will automatically be replaced by a spare tool mounted in the machine magazine.