The VERSATECH Series of multiple-surface 5-axis double-column machining centers is designed to provide unsurpassed productivity in the machining of very large workpieces thanks to spindle heads that can position to the vertical and horizontal positions and any angle in between. The machining time for cast iron and non-ferrous material workpieces can be considerably reduced thanks to the fastest cutting feedrate and spindle speed in this machining center class. In addition, since multiple-surface machining can be realized by just changing the position of the spindle head by program command, non-cutting time is considerably reduced.


  • 50 hp, 10,000 rpm spindle
  • Multi-face machining
  • Continuous C-axis rotation for full 5-axis machining
  • Expansive tool-storage capacities
  • High-speed, high-accuracy and high-rigidity designs

5-Face Machining

High-efficiency cutting of 5 faces

Considerably higher productivity andn high quality finish machining can be performed thanks to the multiple-face positioning head that makes it possible to machine not only perpendicular faces, but also angled faces in a single setup. Additionally, since the VERSATECH does not require a head changer thanks to the B and C axes, non-cutting time is greatly reduced. The simultaneous 5-axis machining specification is optionally available for the machining of complex surfaces such as those found in components for the die and mold and aerospace industries.

Ball-Screw Core Cooling

Thermal management on the X-, Y-, and Z-axes

Temperature-controlled cooling oil circulates through the ball screw cores to ensure stable machining accuracy over extended periods of high speed operation. 

Large table Changer

Exceptional Ease of Operation for Efficiency

  • More surface contact for large load capacities and better dampening
  • Pre-engineered for integration into factory automation setups including Mazak’s PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell
  • Designed for convenient system expansion after the initial system installation from a minimum of 1 machining center, 1 loading station and table loader. The table loader modules are available in single, double, or triple levels.