Vertical Center Smart

The VERTICAL CENTER SMART Series is a world-class line of Vertical Machining Centers that combine advanced technology, productivity and value for a wide variety of machining applications. Grease-packed ceramic spindle bearings increase machine rigidity, reduce heat and help to reduce maintenance. The series offers Mazak’s entry-level SMART control, with a user-friendly interface that provides the most current technology needed to quickly and accurately produce work pieces in MAZATROL Conversational or EIA formats.


  • Compact footprint to maximize floor space
  • Robust 40-taper grease-packed spindles with ceramic bearings metal
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guide Technology on all axes
  • SMART CNC control simplifies machine set up and increases operator efficiency
  • Performance enhancing Intelligent Machine features
  • Ergonomic control swings for easy operator viewing
  • High accuracy and productivity for a variety of industry applications
  • Easy integration of articulated robot for process automation

MX Hybrid Roller Guides

Provides unmatched rigidity, speed, and accuracy

  • More surface contact for large load capacities and better dampening
  • Better distribution load points via an X-Design that allows load to be applied in four directions
  • Higher positioning accuracy than boxways due to no stick and slip
  • Faster and greener than boxways with nearly twice the rapid traverse rate and less contamination in the coolant system

Automatic Tool Changers

Provides part-production versatility

Machinery that feature cam-driven automatic tool changers that significantly reduce non-cut times by quickly exchanging tools and getting spindles back in the cut in the shortest times possible. Reliable tool monitoring on these machines maximizes production efficiency and lowers operating costs via early problem detection. A standard tool storage capacity 20 tools ensures continuous machining operation, while an optional 30-tool magazine is available to further reduce set-up times and increase machining flexibility.

Ball-Screw Core Cooling

Thermal management on the X-, Y-, and Z-axes

Temperature-controlled cooling oil circulates through the ball screw cores to ensure stable machining accuracy over extended periods of high speed operation.