Vertical Traveling Column

The VERTICAL TRAVELING COLUMN (VTC) Series of vertical machining centers features a full traveling column design and fixed tables for machining of extremely long and heavy workpieces. In addition, with an optional table center partition the machine work envelop can be divided into two separate work areas that allow the machine to be in cycle in one work area, while a part is being unloaded/loaded or a new set up in the other work area. VTC table lengths from 78″ to 154″ will handle a large variety of oversize workpieces. Spindles are available in many confiurations, such as, standard, high-torque, high-speed with CAT-40 and CAT-50 tapers – Big Plus or standard taper, and the 5 axis VTC800 S/R features a swivel spindle (B axis).

All the machines are perfect for long aerospace parts, conveyor sections, and more. Machines can also be outfitted with rotary tables for increased part processing versatility.


  • Long fixed table designs
  • Optional table center partition
  • Multiple spindle speeds and configurations available
  • Tool storage capacity ranging from 24 to 48 tools
  • Automatic tool changers
  • Table load capacities from 2,200 lbs. to over 5,500 lbs.

Larged Fixed Table

The one-piece, high-density, cast iron base provides maximum rigidity and minimal thermal distortion.

  • More surface contact for large load capacities helps to accommodate large, heavy, non-symmetrical, unevenly weighted parts
  • Fixed table’s bed design allows easy chip flow
  • 6 linear guide blocks support saddle/column assembly
  • Machine table is fixed and extremely rigid, while the spindle column is a full-traveling design.
  • (Featured) An optional dividing wall can separate the table into two distinct areas – one to load/unload parts and another area where the spindle is cutting parts at the same time the loading/unloading is being done. This reduces non-cutting time. For machining long workpieces (even longer than the table), the side covers can be removed.

Automatic Tool Changers

Servo-driven, roller cam design for smooth, fast tool changes

Machinery that feature cam-driven automatic tool changers that significantly reduce non-cut times by quickly exchanging tools and getting spindles back in the cut in the shortest times possible. A standard tool magazine storage capacity 24 tools ensures continuous machining operation, while an optional 48-tool magazine is available to further reduce set-up times and increase machining flexibility.

  • Magazine moves with saddle for increased speed
  • Enclosed pockets prevent contamination of tools

VTC Spindles

Direct drive, dual-winding spindles are powerful and low maintenance

  • No belts to change or adjust
  • 25 HP / 12,000 rpm on the VTC-200C & VTC-300C
  • 30 HP / 6,000 rpm on the VTC-250/50