The VORTEX-II Series of 5-axis vertical machining centers delivers high productivity through full simultaneous 5-axis machining as well as multiple surface machining capabilities. The series features larger-sized machines for processing big complex workpieces such as those often found in the aerospace industry. Tilt/rotary spindles as well as pallet changing highlight the series of machines.


  • High speed, simultaneous 5-axis and multiple surface machining
  • Tilting and tilt-rotary spindles
  • Large table sizes
  • CAT 50-taper 10,000 rpm/50 hp spindles and available high-torque spindles
  • Tool storage capacities from 30 to 348 tools available
  • Two-pallet changing
  • PALLETECH automation is available with certain machine models

Roller Cam B-Axis

For high-rigidity heavy-duty cutting

Elimination of backlash ensures high accuracy and high efficiency machining. (over the rotary position range of 150 degrees, positioning accuracy is two times better than the ISO standard)

Ball-Screw Core Cooling

Thermal management on the X-, Y-, and Z-axes

Temperature-controlled cooling oil circulates through the ball screw cores to ensure stable machining accuracy over extended periods of high speed operation. 

MX Roller Hybrid Guides

Provides unmatched rigidity, speed, and accuracy

  • More surface contact for large load capacities and better dampening
  • Better distribution load points via an X-Design that allows load to be applied in four directions
  • Higher positioning accuracy than boxways due to no stick and slip
  • Faster and greener than boxways with nearly twice the rapid traverse rate and less contamination in the coolant system