The INTEGREX i-Series of Multi-Tasking machines brings together extreme versatility, speed, accuracy and ease of operation for manufacturers of complex components. Featuring the widest range of Multi-Tasking solutions, the series accommodates machining lengths from 15.16″ up to 59.8″, part diameters from 13.39″ to 25.9″ and bar diameter’s from 2″ to 4.02″. Various machine configurations available include: single turning spindle with programmable NC tailstocks, twin turning spindles (S), and with lower turret (T). These machine configurations eliminate multiple setups, fixtures, tools, handling and non-cut times.

In addition, ergonomic machine design including large viewing windows, adjustable operator panel, front panel magazine access, and easy access to spindle center – provide operators with increased monitoring, efficient setup, and convenient loading and unloading of work pieces. Mazak 30 year of automation innovation provides the support for adding bar feeding and/or gantry loader to your INTEGREX i-series machines for unattended operations.


  • Powerful single main turning spindle or dual opposed spindles
  • Full C-axis contouring
  • Milling spindle with Y-axis travel and B-axis rotation
  • Available lower turret for simultaneous cutting on most models
  • NC tailstocks
  • ATC changes both fixed turning and rotary tools
  • 36-tool ATC standard – 72-tool capacity available
  • Easy bar feeder or gantry loader integration for system automation

Roller Cam B-Axis

For high-rigidity heavy-duty cutting

Elimination of backlash ensures high accuracy and high efficiency machining. (over the rotary position range of 150 degrees, positioning accuracy is two times better than the ISO standard)

Automatic Tool Eye

Automated Detection for Tool Wear and Damage

Each machine features a standard tool eye that automatically measures tool-tip positions to detect for tool wear and damage, ensuring part accuracy during continuous machining operations. Compensation can be automatically calculated with inspection for tool breakage. In addition, since tool setup is done by simply bringing the tool tip into contact with the Tool Eye, tool setup time is considerably reduced.

Lower Turret

Increased flexibility brings higher productivity

The lower turret makes it possible to have two tools cutting simultaneously for higher productivity. The same tool mounted on the lower turret can be used for machining on both the main and second spindles, thanks to the unique turret design that reduces the required number of tools. In addition, tools used by the INTEGREX Ⅳ series can be used by the INTEGREX i series. Allows for full 5-axis machining and DONE IN ONE® operations. Carries nine tools and performs balanced cutting.