Helmel MicroStar 1M M/N 1272-402 Bridge Type CMM

Helmel MicroStar 1M M/N 1272-402 Bridge Type CMM

Machine Characteristics
Brand: Helmel
Model: MicroStar 1M M/N 1272-402 UCC DCC
Year: 2017
Condition: Excellent

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This MINT CONDITION CMM is brand new as of last year (Installed in June 2017) and comes loaded with an extended 72 inch X-axis travel and a Renishaw PH10T Plus / TP 20 Probe System.


Machine Notables:

  • GeoMet 501 Plus Hardware / Software System
  • Inkjet Color Printer
  • Renishaw PH10T Plus / TP20 Probe System
  • MCR20 6 Port Rack with 2 Modules
  • Comprehensive stylus kit
  • Probe extension kit with PEL4 extension
  • UCCT3 Plus Renishaw Controller
  • MCULITE-2 Hand Control
  • Clamp kit with 4” posts
  • Clamp kit with 8” posts

Approx. Specifications:

  • X-Travel:72″
  • Y-Travel:120″
  • Z-Travel:40″

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