Agriculture and Construction Industry Solutions

The construction and agriculture industries are constantly evolving. As a result, the equipment is more sophisticated now than it has been in the past. However, mechanical equipment failure still causes major implications on the projects, crops, and livestock that keep these farmers and construction crews profitable. The parts that make up these machines are large and complex, which places a demand on the tools to deliver heavy duty performance with large diameter-to-length ratios in axles, drive shafts, and more. With the proper quality and service, CNC machines have helped in fabricating parts and machinery for agricultural and construction manufacturers of all sizes. Machine run times in manufacturing facilities range from a few hours to over 100+ hours per week. To keep up with demand, these machines must be equipped with the latest technology. We are seeing an increase in customized parts for both industries because the added benefits and features often make the equipment more competitive. For example, these machines are unique because they can make customized parts in small production runs, or the same parts can be mass produced. Either way, CNC machinery is a great way to produce strong and reliable parts for these demanding industries.
Construction and Agriculture Machines

CNC Machined Agriculture Vehicles and Farm Equipment

With the right tools, supplies, technology, and service, CNC manufacturing engineers can create parts and components for high-quality and reliable construction and agricultural machinery. A.W. Miller is proud to offer top-rated industrial machinery, parts, and support for our customers. We work closely with several contacts at Mazak to ensure we are offering the best and most innovative technology. Our CNC machines are equipped to offer parts in a full range of materials including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and more. As a result, these machines are versatile and highly capable of machining commonly used products for agriculture and construction professionals. When manufacturing large farming and construction equipment such as bulldozers, tractors, telehandlers, combines, skid steer loaders, harvesters, bailers, and more, it’s important that the equipment is built reliably and safely to ensure successful completion of every job it’s used for.

Mazak CNC Machines for the Agriculture and Construction Industries

Mazak works closely with agriculture and construction professionals around the world to monitor trends, and identify challenges. This research contributes to their development of versatile machine tools and technologies to revolutionize the processing of agricultural components, including:

  • Advanced machines that productively perform milling, turning and boring operations.
  • High-performance, high-precision gear cutting and honing solutions.
  • Heavy-duty machines that easily tackle large, long shaft workpieces.
  • Multi-surface, simultaneous 5-axis machining for reduced in-process time.
  • Twin-spindle and twin-turret solutions that perform complete machining from slug material in a single setup, speeding up cycle times and improving manufacturing efficiencies.
  • CNC controls with EIA/ISO and MAZATROL conversational programming for flexible, user-friendly operation.
  • A wide variety of optional factory automation for unmanned operation

Machine Repair Services

AW Miller is proud to offer a team of certified technical engineers that will assist you with service requests in a timely manner to decrease down time. We will also help you to avoid service requests with routine maintenance tips. Please click here for more information.

Training Classes

If your team needs assistance with learning how to use the CNC machinery and technology, Mazak offers a variety of training classes. These will ensure your agricultural and construction manufacturing teams are up-to-date on how to use and maintain the machines effectively. Please contact us to learn more about these training classes.

Example CNC machined construction and agriculture parts
The Future of the Agriculture and Construction Industries

These industries are two of the sectors of the economy that are the most overdue for a complete overhaul. For example, machines are already becoming fully electric, and soon the automated systems on job sites and in the fields will communicate with the other machines to decrease human error and increase efficiency and safety.

We are seeing new and exciting innovations from our CNC manufacturing partners that will bring great results to the construction and agriculture industries. For example, Mazak is improving automation and artificial intelligence technology. This will result in increased accuracy and efficiency while decreasing manual labor hours and other expenses. In addition, digitalization and robotics will revolutionize the construction and agricultural ecosystems. For example, our partner Agile Robotics has already made major improvements to the robotic arms to the point where one arm can be assigned to load and unload up to 3 CNC machines in the same sector. We are expecting this technology to continue moving towards the robotic automation side of the industry. As a result, machine shops will be operational for more hours out of the day, and the engineers can focus on design and technological improvements to the products.

Advances in Predictive Maintenance
We are also seeing new innovations develop that will give us better predictive maintenance for CNC manufacturing machines. This will also provide decreased downtime, and increasingly accurate production time frame estimates. These advances will also save money as routine, preventative maintenance is always more cost effective than the repairs after something on the machine breaks.