Automotive Industry Solutions

There are many advantages of CNC machining automotive components, especially when it comes to speed, accuracy, and repeating complex designs. This technology has made significant improvements regarding automation to combat personnel challenges such as fatigue and timing limitations. Since the parts can be repeated on the same programmed specifications as much as possible, it’s convenient to produce large volumes.  The automotive industry demands fine tolerances because a slight malfunction of an engine part can be detrimental. The A.W. Miller engineers are experts at finding the best combination of technology, materials, and machinery to help our clients manufacture parts as accurately as possible. In addition, the digital and autonomous nature of the overall process allows for a higher level of precision than conventional machining. 
Automobile assembly line with CNC Machines

CNC Machining Car Parts

This versatile manufacturing process can be used to create parts for engines, lighting, suspension, carburetor housings, exhaust systems, and interior components.

Specifically, it can create different types of a car’s combustion engine. We have seen great results from machining engine/ cylinder blocks and the corresponding cylinder heads out of aluminum to ensure structural integrity. Once the machine is programmed, it can mass produce these parts quickly and accurately. To learn more about mass production in the CNC industry, Click Here 

CNC manufacturing is also applicable for a multitude of other car parts including suspension components, exhaust parts, carburetor housings, fluid system parts, bushings, and valve retainers. If needed, the machines can also customize components due to the integration of CAD programming solutions.  

5-Axis CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

Multiple axis manufacturing has quickly become a necessity for CNC manufacturing within the automotive industry. This innovative technology helps engineers to avoid various machine setups, and offers flexibility to manufacture complex geometries with ease. The initial setup and cost of the system is higher than a single-axis machine. However it’s with the additional expense in the long term due to the shorter turnaround times and higher precision cut.
Example CNC machined Automobile part

Automotive Industry Manufacturing with Mazak

Mazak offers the most innovative CNC manufacturing technology and advanced support resources in the automotive industry. The wide variety of machine configurations showcases the acute market knowledge and extensive applications expertise that has gone into creating the technology. 

Whether you are machining basic suspension brackets, complex engine parts or off-road components from heat resistant stainless steels or cast iron, Mazak has what you need to reduce your cycle times, produce precision parts, and achieve increased productivity. In fact, their understanding of consistency, accuracy and speed has contributed to the production of automotive components to build winning race cars! 

The Future of CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry
Any motor vehicle owner is aware that routine car maintenance and usage is vital for preventing problems with the engine and specifically startup mechanics. These systems tend to lose their functionality over time, but with the influx of CNC auto part manufacturing, we are anticipating resolutions and improvements to these problems in the near future.    CNC machining can be used to make both car components and parts that are more effective and have a higher tolerance power than counterparts produced with other manufacturing methods. In addition, the speed and easy programming of the machines offers reliable and accurate mass production.  We are seeing major innovations in the CNC industry specifically with artificial intelligence (AI) in the machines. This system of algorithms are projected to optimize production accuracy, speed, and the overall workflow for the automotive industry. AI is increasing CNC machining benefits by reducing downtime to maintain consistent, high-quality output. The best part is that it’s capable of making adjustments to the part automatically to further increase precision and accuracy to the original design. AI-assisted CNC machining is also enhancing the production of self-driving cars. For example, automated technology is improving the manufacturing process of automotive parts and machining. Self-driving cars also require more digital component accuracy compared to human-driven cars. With CNC machines creating electrical components with AI optimization, the challenges these applications once faced are now in the past. We are seeing an industrial uptick in designing and producing feedback mechanisms to help the cars self-drive. The technology is expected to develop further to the point where AI will become smart enough to connect with the CAD software to correct errors in the design itself. In addition, generative designs will be introduced into the process to improve the original designs through a series of iterations.
Machine Repair Services

AW Miller is proud to offer a team of certified technical engineers that will assist you with service requests in a timely manner to decrease down time. We will also help you to avoid service requests with routine maintenance tips. Please click here for more information.

Training Classes

If your team needs assistance with learning how to use the CNC machinery and technology, Mazak offers a variety of training classes. These will ensure your automotive manufacturing teams are up-to-date on how to use and maintain the machines effectively. Please contact us to learn more about these training classes.