Mass Production

Mass Production Industry Solutions

The cost and efficiency of any manufactured part relies on the combined accuracy and speed of production. By integrating CNC manufacturing into mass production workflows, companies are reaping these benefits in a variety of ways for their bottom line. Mass production manufacturing processes feature a high rate of output with low unit costs to increase overall production volume. Careful and skilled industrial engineering and management are required to achieve the maximum benefits of mass production, and to decrease machine repair services as much as possible. The AW Miller certified technical engineers are happy to repair any CNC machine as quickly as possible to decrease down time. However, our goal is to help your team to avoid machine repair services as much as possible. Please click here for more information. Click Here- Link to Machine Repair Services Page.
CNC Mass produced parts

Manufacturing Solutions for your Mass Production Needs

Mazak offers the most innovative metalworking technology and supporting resources to manufacturers that process large quantities of standardized production runs. The AW Miller team is ready to help you find the right CNC Machining configuration to make your mass production workflow productive and profitable.

Mazak also works with customers that specialize in mass production to monitor trends and challenges to develop technologies that work for component production. For example, they have developed high-performance machines that efficiently mill, turn, and bore a variety of metal materials. These advanced gear cutting and honing solutions are ideal for aluminum, titanium, high-temperature alloys, and ferrous materials.

This line of multi-surface, simultaneous 5-axis machines offer reduced in-process time for mass production applications. The twin-spindle and twin-turret solutions complete the machining process from slug material in a single setup to speed up cycle times and increase efficiency.

To improve the mass production industry solutions further, we recommend machines with EIA/ISO and MAZATROL conversational programming for flexible, user-friendly operation. We can also help our customers with optional factory automation solutions for unmanned operation.

For example, AW Miller works with Agile Robotic Systems to offer a line of different loading systems for CNC machine tools. Agile also features a line of robotic loading systems with versatility to load multiple machines at once to make significant improvements in the unattended run-time.

There are also Mazak training classes available to ensure manufacturing teams are up-to-date on all of the benefits mass production industry solutions offer. Please contact us to learn more about these training classes.

CNC Machining Mass Production Advantages

Mazak is the industry leader for reliable machines that are versatile, accurate, and reliable. The entire company is dedicated to providing CNC manufacturers with the most innovative and productive equipment possible. With Mazak, contract manufacturing companies are able to equip their shops with the technology, machines, artificial intelligence, and automation they need to be successful. The A.W. Miller team is ready to help your company navigate the best manufacturing combinations so that you can offer reliable solutions for your customers.

CNC Services in Contract Manufacturing

In traditional mass production applications, the components of a part are produced in separate stages on separate machines. As a result, the batches can vary in accuracy, speed, and reliability. Integrating CNC manufacturing machines from AW Miller into the workflow brings several different advantages to the production runs:
  1. Increased accuracy with decreased waste of materials, resulting in cost savings
  2. Faster production time through the CNC machine completely creating the part from start to finish.
  3. Consistency between every production run and elimination of human error with automated programming.
  4. CNC machines can work on multiple axes concurrently for increased productivity
  5. Increased safety for employees with closed circuit operations
  6. Decreased machine repair services costs
Overall, CNC manufacturing is a great way for companies to increase their mass production workflows.