Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronics Industry

It’s important for this industry to meet consumer demand because the industry is one of the largest in the world. Production can be complicated as parts become smaller, high-quality, and require faster production times. The majority of electronics we use daily are made with precision machining. For example, smartphones, smartwatches, computers, laptops, cameras, etc. As consumer electronic technology evolves, so does the manufacturing technology to produce them. The products produced today required lightweight designs, good heat dissipation, high strength, water and dust resistance, and seamless assembly. This means the CNC machined parts going into them need the best possible quality and accuracy to ensure all parts can fit together perfectly, despite their ever-decreasing size.
CNC machined Electronic Motherboard

CNC Machining In the Consumer Electronics Industry

CNC Machining for Electronic Parts & Products
Most electronics have motherboards and hardware with millions of tiny parts, and the intricate hardware of these electronics must be guaranteed to work consistently and reliably. These electronic parts are very suitable for the CNC machining process, such as rows of electronics hardware, housings, metal slats, panels, thin wires, engraved parts and other electronic parts. NC machining has become the main production method of electronic components, because of its advantages such as high productivity, low labor costs, and precise complex shapes manufacturing.

We have seen great production success with CNC machines producing electronics, including those with magnetic fixtures, vacuums, multi-station, and zero-point positioning systems. Here are some common examples:

  1. Cylinder fixtures (including zero-turn cylinders are ideal to produce mobile phone cover parts.
    Computer case
  2. processing works best with four and 0.5 axis schemes and electromagnet fixtures.
  3. Cylinder fixtures to process multi-angle holes work well for UAV cover processing.
  4. For the processing of back covers for tablets or computers, engineers use vacuum suction fixtures.

Advantages of CNC Machined Electronic Parts Production:

  • Design and production of various complex parts for the consumer electronics industry
  • Hundreds of advanced 3-5 axis CNC machine tools and various auxiliary equipment simplify the manufacturing process
  • Multiple compatible materials available for CNC electronic parts machining
  • Advanced machines to ensure high-precision and high-accuracy production
  • Powerful machines with automation to work around-the-clock for maximum output and fast production.
  • Automated mass production of CNC electronic parts.

Mazak’s role for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Mazak offers the most innovative machining technology and advanced support resources for the consumer electronics industry. They feature a wide variety of machine configurations to choose from depending on the specific application. This technology is developed with acute market knowledge and extensive expertise for production needs. Whether you are machining components for smart phones, laptop computers or large flat panel displays from aluminum or plastic, our partners at Mazak have what you need to reduce your cycle times, produce precision parts and achieve increased productivity.
CNC Machined example electronic parts

Machine Repair Services

AW Miller is proud to offer a team of certified technical engineers that will assist you with service requests in a timely manner to decrease down time. We will also help you to avoid service requests with routine maintenance tips. Please click here for more information. 

Training Classes

If your team needs assistance with learning how to use the CNC machinery and technology, Mazak offers a variety of training classes. These will ensure your consumer electronic manufacturing teams are up-to-date on how to use and maintain the machines effectively. Please contact us to learn more about these training classes.