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At AW Miller, we proudly work with top-tier Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure comprehensive support and cutting-edge machinery solutions for our clients. Our esteemed partnerships include globally recognized brands such as Mazak, Okamoto, Agile Robotic Systems, Shigiya, and more. Our goal is to deliver the best CNC manufacturing solutions and equipment, with our expert consulting and research, to keep our customers moving forward.Choose AW Miller for a specialized approach in industry-leading expertise and innovative CNC technology solutions.

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As the leading manufacturer of CNC machinery, Mazak accounts for the majority of the equipment in the shops of our customers. Mazak manufactures not only advanced machine tools such as multi-tasking centers, CNC turning centers, machining centers and laser processing machines but also automation systems with the concept of DONE IN ONE to support global manufacturing by providing exceptional productivity and versatility. They will continue to develop advanced machine tools for progress in manufacturing as well as society.

Mazak Optonics

Whether a fabricator is implementing their first laser machine or looking to experience the next level of laser-cutting, Mazak Optonics has a variety of laser-cutting and automation solutions to meet the specific needs of a fabricator’s operation. The laser technology leader has the ability to significantly improve efficiency, competitive positioning, and profitability. Mazak lasers offer advanced fiber, direct diode, and CO2 laser-cutting technology. Mazak’s laser tube cutting machines range in volume and diameter to fit a large range of structural applications. Mazak’s precision tube lasers are available as in CO2, fiber or direct diode laser (DDL) technology.

Mazak Optonics
Agile Robotic Systems

Agile Robotics

Agile Robotic Systems is a leading supplier of innovative machine loading systems to automate the CNC machining workflow. Founded on the principle of providing manufacturers with advanced technology and support, Agile is able to draw upon a heritage of over 70 years in machine tools, and close to 40 years in automation and robotics. Based upon their long held philosophy of offering well designed, extremely robust and reliable systems, their team of experienced engineers is leading the way in helping manufacturers transform their productivity.


Okamoto delivers new dimensions in power, precision, and ease of use with Total Grinding Solutions. Worldwide Leader in Emerging Abrasive Technology

For any grinding projects, Okamoto is the most diverse grinding company in the world. Okamoto offers variety of capabilities in internal, cylindrical, surface (manual or automatic), rotary, and gear grinding along with other specialty grinding machines. Okamoto also specializes in manufacturing machines which process material for the semiconductor industry. Providing long-standing products that run consistently with repeat-ability and accuracy. From precise tool-room applications to challenging high-production runs, Okamoto has the highest-quality grinding machines for more applications than any other competitor.

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Shigiya original CNC conversational software was developed to enable fast and easy programming. Operators simply input three items of information for each diameter of grinding and processing automatically begins. Grinding options include plunge grinding, taper traverse grinding, traverse grinding or oscillation grinding.