Agile Engineered Systems

Special Purpose Machine Loading Systems

Automation solutions that were designed for manufacturing applications requiring a unique approach. 

Agile Engineered application examples

CNC Grinder Robotic Loading Cell

CNC Grinder Robotic Loading Cell

Robotic loading for multiple types of differential housings utilizing dockable part delivery trolleys and Fanuc iR Vision for part identification and location.

Fast Cycle Time CNC Lathe Loading Cell

Fast Cycle Time CNC Lathe Loading Cell

Automated loading of multiple sized ball valves into CNC lathe utlizing vibratory bowl feeder, bulk hopper and outfeed chute.

Retrofit CNC Machine Gantry Loader

Agile Engineered Retrofit

Engineered CNC machine gantry loader including shuttle loop part feed conveyor.

Injection Molding Automation Cell

Injection molding automation cell

Twin Agile drawer system machine loading cell utilizing an inverted robot tending an injection molding machine and curing oven.