Agile Modular Systems

A pre-engineered robotic machine loading system for all CNC machine tools offering exceptional ease of use, flexibility and productivity.

Agile Modular offers a variety of configuration options tailored to the customer’s specific CNC manufacturing requirements. It also features state of the art Agile Cell Controller software, and draws from an extensive range of pre-engineered cell modules. 

Agile Modular application examples

Multiple Part Feed CNC Lathe Loading

Multiple part feed CNC-lathe-loading-cell

Automated loading for twin spindle CNC lathe utilizing the Agile drawer system, tube rack and conveyor

Multiple Product CNC Machine loading

Multiple product cnc machine loading cell

Automated loading for multi-tasking CNC machine tool utilizing two dockable Agile pallets.

Large and Heavy Parts Lathe Loading

Agile Modular Large and heavy part loading

Automated loading of large CNC lathe with parts weighing up to 350 lbs utilizing the Agile pallet system and re-grip station. 

Dual CNC Machine Loading Conveyor

Agile Modular System

Automated loading of two CNC lathes with continuous in-feed and out-feed conveyors.

Continuous Manufacturing Cell

Continuous Manufacturing Cell

Automated CNC machine tool loading of titanium components utilizing the Agile drawer system and an ultrasonic part washer. 

Multiple CNC Milling Machines Loading

Multiple CNC Milling machines loading cell

Automated loading of plastic components utilizing a robot on a floor track to service three CNC milling machines and an Agile drawer system.