Mazak Optonics Distributors

As a Mazak laser reseller, we offer 2D and 3D laser machines to fit any sheet metal laser-cutting needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best laser cutting solutions available to effectively improve efficiency, and competitive positioning. Mazak Optonics lasers offer advanced fiber, direct diode, and CO2 laser-cutting technology.

Mazak Optonics

About Mazak’s 2D and 3D Lasers

Mazak’s 2D laser machines are available in two configurations including flying optics and a hybrid. Both are designed to meet the needs of a fabricator’s operation, depending on the needs of the application. 

The 3D laser-cutting machines significantly reduce processing time for many applications compared to traditional technologies. They feature six axes, including a rotary tube chuck, which enables laser-cutting for applications including structural shapes, spun parts, tubes, formed parts, bevel cutting of flat components with automated functions to improve ease of operation and machine efficiency.

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