Okamoto Grinders Distributors

Okamoto Surface Grinders are available in a variety of saddle, column, and double column grinders to fit multiple applications.

The designs of these surface grinders available for sale are specially constructed to work for a wide range of basic to complex components.

AW Miller - Okamoto Surface Grinder Distributor

The Okamoto surface grinders we offer for sale are designed to meet any grinding production requirements in the industry. They are also rigid in design with a solid construction to ensure reliable precision in a wide range of applications. For example, several of the surface grinders are also easy to operate for consistent performance. However, the automatic double column grinders feature a heavy-duty construction with versatile grinding cycles to boost productivity. 

Finding the right grinder for a specific application can be challenging as it makes sense for your organization. This is where Okamoto Grinders Distributors come in because our engineers can help to evaluate the return of investment, manufacturing needs, and current CNC machine lineup. We are a full-service surface grinding machine reseller, which means we assist our customers long after the installation of the new machines. This includes, but is not limited to training, installation, and service support. 

AW Miller is an Okamoto grinder distributor. Our Sales engineers are ready to help any machine shop in New York, Pennsylvania, and Quebec regions find the perfect Total Grinding Solution for their specific workflow. Contact us to learn more about our Okamoto grinders for sale.