Shigiya Angular Machines

The GAC-20, GAC-30, and GAC40B compact angular cylindrical grinders are perfect for increasing efficiency and precision on small parts. They also enable simultaneous O.D. and shoulder face grinding, and can be easily combined with automated loading and transfer equipment for better productivity. 



The versatile CNC angular cylindrical grinder is flexible and easy to use as it excels with end and cylindrical surfaces of shafts with the journals and their shoulders. The machine is great for universal grinding of cylindrical or conical surfaces on rotational parts, and it’s renowned for high efficiency and accuracy on the mass-production line. 



The GAE-40B versatile CNC angular cylindrical grinder features simultaneous dual-axis control of the angle head wheel head (X-axis) and table traverse (Z-axis).

The GAS-30B and GAS 40-B both feature  a large-diameter wheel spindle, a rigid tailstock design, and stable spindle rotations for heavy-duty precision. As a result, they’re great for long, multi-step projects and profile cylindrical grinding. In addition, they perform O.D. and shoulder face grinding simultaneously to improve efficiency.

The GAV-10 vertical CNC angular grinder has a compact footprint, and a wide opening for easy loading and automation. In addition, the innovative gate structure ensures precision grinding by counter measuring against vibration, thermal displacement and noise and ensures extreme precision after a cold start or during post-process grinding.