The GAV-10 vertical CNC angular grinder has a compact footprint, and a wide opening for easy loading and automation. In addition, the innovative gate structure ensures precision grinding by counter measuring against vibration, thermal displacement and noise and ensures extreme precision after a cold start or during post-process grinding.


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table mm 100
Distance Between Centers mm 150, 200
Weight Capacity kg 10
Machine Weight kg 1900 / 1950
Wheel Size OD mm 305 / 355
Wheel size width mm 25
Wheel spindle KW 2.2


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table inch 3.93
Distance Between Centers inch 5.91 / 7.87
Weight Capacity lbs 22.05
Machine Weight Ibs 4188.78 / 4299.01
Wheel Size OD inch 12.01 / 13.98
Wheel size width inch 0.98
Wheel spindle HP 2.95
  • Other specifications available.
  • All specifications are subject to change.

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