PRG-DX Series

The Okamoto PRG-DX Series redefines rotary grinding productivity. By design, these machines are highly efficient with a wheelhead requiring only to travel half the diameter of the rotary table to engage in full contact grinding. This innovative approach makes the PRG-DX Series ideal for handling both single and multiple workpiece setups, ensuring they meet the demands of high production precision work to fully optimize grinding operations. 


  • Rigid heavy Meehanite cast construction. Superb Accuracy.
  • Powerful 10hp grinding spindle motor stands up to continuous production grinding.
  • No table overhang assures optimum accuracy.
  • Easy-to-use MDI Control.
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum operator convenience.
  • Versatile table swivel +/-5 degrees.

PRG-DX Series Specifications

  • Diameter of Chuck: 24″
  • Maximum Dist. under Wheel: 7.9″”
  • Rotary Table Speed: 20 ~ 150rpm
  • Workhead Spindle Speed: 50 ~ 850 rpm
  • Grinding Spindle: 10 hp
  • Floor Space (WxDxH): 106″ x 86″ x 79″
  • Weight: 7,780 lbs

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The PRG-DX Series stands as a testament to High-Performance Okamoto Rotary Grinding Machines, offering unmatched precision and efficiency. This machine features a powerful 10hp grinding spindle motor to maintain consistent performance and durability for continuous grinding production. In addition, the MDI control brings ease of use to a new level without sacrificing control or capability, making sophisticated grinding processes accessible and manageable. With Precision MDI Okamoto Rotary Grinding technology, these machines are not just tools but partners in achieving the precision required in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape.


The precision-engineered design also eliminates table overhang, which enhances the stability and accuracy of each grind. This feature is crucial for achieving optimum accuracy and ensuring the highest quality in the finished product. Okamoto rotary grinders are ideal for industries that require meticulous attention to detail and precision, and the PRG-DX Series ensures that your grinding operations can keep pace with the demands of modern production, setting new benchmarks in rotary grinding performance and operator-friendly design.


Standard Accessories
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Adapter
  • Diamond Tool with Holder
  • Necessary Tools
  • Leveling Bolts and Base Plates
  • Electro-Magnetic Chuck
  • Chuck Control with Automatic Demagnetizer and variable Hold
  • Chuck Interlock
Optional Accessories
  • Coolant System with Magnetic Separator
  • Coolant System with Magnetic separator and Dust Suction
  • Grinding Wheel Adapter
  • Grinding Wheel Balancing Stand with Arbor
  • Wheel Balancing Arbor
  • Machine Light

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