Shigiya Specialty Machines​

Face Grinding


Featuring easy, fast, and accurate operation to grind end surfaces of bearing spacers and gears, and side faces of slitter knives, metal saws and diamond wheels with exceptional agility. 




Featuring Shigiya’s conversational cam and journal automatic programming system, which grinds cam profiles directly from computer-generated design data to increase speed, productivity,  and accuracy. 


Shigiya GPES-30


This grinder features automatic roundness on the eccentric shaft and superior accuracy on polygon shapes with a new traverse function to expand grinding capabilities. It also sculpts the required geometry for diverse polygonal workpieces and custom applications including hub connections, keyways, gears, couplings and splines.

Universal and Multiple Wheel Specialty Machines



This cylindrical grinder features twin wheel heads and optional center grind work heads to grind all surfaces in one chucking, making it great for small, precise parts with a compact footprint.



The double-wheel head design allows two different surfaces to be ground in one setup for continuous operation on large and small parts. In addition, the simultaneous two-diameter grinding and synchronized driving work head reduce cycle times and maintain high part accuracy.

Shigiya GPD-20-43


The Double-Drive CNC Cylindrical Grinder decreases setup and maintenance and increases accuracy with a CBN wheel, and multi-step sizing in-process gauge. It also has NC movable work heads on the left and right sides, and the distance between centers can be adjusted to support workpiece lengths between 30 and 430mm.